It’s 2014 and I think if we can be honest about anything, we can be honest about the fact that sometimes we want to cry. I’m an adult human and sometimes I’m in a mood where the only thing I want to do is turn on a movie and just bawl my eyes out. Or at least get a little misty. If you’re ever in one of those moods, have I got a list for you! Here are seven movies that will help you through those tears. . . by causing them.

1. Titanic

This movie is no joke. Sure, I’m not super into the Bill Paxton bits of this movie either. But as soon as we’re on the ship of dreams, I’m into it. And I’m down for the ride. I cry happy tears when Rose dances below deck, I cry emotional tears when they have sex in the car (that hand print, guys) and I cry very real tears when the Irish mother is telling her kids about Tir Na Nog and of course when the ship is sinking and then when she has to let go of him (in the physical sense) and save herself. It’s just a roller-coaster of emotions the whole time because who doesn’t also cry a little whenever the terrifying Billy Zane is on screen?

2. City of Angels

This was the first movie I watched in a group of friends and cried at alone. As in, my heartless friends did not sob during this movie, as I did. Whatever. It’s intense and my little pre-teen self could not get over the “I want to know what a peach tastes like to you” business. Swoon. I cried throughout the end of this movie and also whenever I saw the Goo Goo Dolls’ music video for “Iris.” I’m crying now just thinking about this. I can’t look at Meg Ryan in that grey hoodie without crying.

3. A Walk to Remember

I need you to know I went into this movie VERY skeptically. I remember I saw it as a third wheel on a date with my friend and her boyfriend senior year of high school. But really, when the movie is A Walk to Remember, isn’t the boyfriend the third wheel? (Yes.) I was like, “oh please this is going to be stupid” and then, suddenly, I was charmed by Mandy Moore and her singing and her role in the school play and totally GOT IT. When she stands in two places at once when they get married, it’s everything. I love it all. And when I saw Shane West in a Hollywood Chipotle it was EXTREMELY difficult not to discuss it with him/make him put a temporary tattoo on me.

4. My Girl

Have you watched this movie lately? Because it’s amazing and it’s relatable and you watch her grow up and then suddenly you’re sobbing for the last 30 minutes of the movie (approximately). I can’t even quote that famous line right now without getting misty-eyed, so I’m not gonna do it. This isn’t even good child acting. This is just phenomenal acting acting by Anna Chlumsky. Watch it now and try NOT to want every outfit.

5. Armageddon

Oh boy. First, to critique Armageddon, it is insanely long. Secondly, the only bits I care about are the ones that have to do with Liv Tyler’s character. And the ones that have to do with her are all EMOTIONAL. The ending is something I can’t even discuss without crying. I love Bruce Willis and I had a poster of Ben Affleck FROM THIS MOVIE in my room, so anything about Bruce sacrificing himself just kills me. That includes the Aerosmith music video for this where Bruce’s face is replaced by HER REAL DAD, STEVEN TYLER’S FACE.

6. Stepmom

Okay, we can forgive Stepmom that weird string-tied-to-Julia-Roberts’-finger-to-propose because by the end, you’re sobbing. I think this movie really benefits from that fact that Jena Malone and Susan Sarandon are goddesses who we all aspire to be and the stepmom in question is Julia Roberts. When you realize the pain everyone is feeling (and when they sing and dance to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) you’re a wreck. Don’t watch this movie with your mom. You will both sob.

7. Beaches

Oh boy, to close out this list we’re going all the way back to 1988. My college roommate and close friend introduced me to this movie freshman year. As a film student, I scoffed at the suggestion of watching this tear-jerker. . . until it started and I was IN IT TO WIN IT. (In this case, the winning is crying.) I sincerely believe if you don’t cry when “Wind Beneath My Wings” starts that you are a robot in disguise and should be studied.

What are your favorite movies that make you cry?

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