They Came Together, a new romantic comedy parody from David Wain and Michael Showalter (they’re the guys who brought us Wet Hot American Summer) was just released in select cities but also on video on demand and iTunes and you better believe I bought it immediately. I’m a big fan of anything Wain and Showalter, but I really latched onto this movie in particular because it’s a romantic comedy. Well, it pokes fun at romantic comedies. But is also one itself. And it points out romantic comedy tropes. So in honor of this movie, I present you with six sure signs you’re in a romantic comedy at this very moment:

1. You’re in the Middle of a Meet-Cute

A meet-cute could be almost anything, really. As long as it’s you meeting your soon-to-be significant other in a cute way. Such cute ways could be bumping into someone, you spill your chef supplies, he spills his business-man papers. Maybe you’re both reaching for the same pair of leather gloves and you argue over them. Or, maybe you get stung by a bee but are deathly allergic and when your friend rushes you to the ER, the doctor is cute and you meet him that way. Just spitballin’ here.

2. You’re Charmingly Clumsy

You’re so clumsy. But only if you’re female, obviously. Because men in romantic comedies seem immune to clumsiness. The simplest task like walking down the street is a nightmare for you. But despite your clumsiness, you’re also painstakingly Type A and anal-retentive. Tripping over everything but also very particular about how your food is prepared or your desk is organized.

3. You’re VERY Pretty But Inexplicably Referred to As “Plain”

If you find yourself staring at the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen and she is lamenting her brown hair or calling herself plain or being told she’s not someone’s type, you’re probably in a romantic comedy. Anyone who a normal person would say, OH MY GOODNESS I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR FACE EXISTS who is being called “plain” is a definite romantic comedy character.

(Sidenote: if you’re Rachel McAdams, you’re definitely in a romantic comedy – also, see every description from Rachel McAdams’ character about herself in About Time)

4. You Own a Quirky Store of Some Kind

Bookstore, nonprofit candy store like They Came Together? Doesn’t matter. You’re either in a romantic comedy or you’re about to be. Even if you FREQUENT a quirky shop there’s a 99 percent chance you’re in a romantic comedy.

5. Or, You’re a Chef/Architect

Do you love baking or cooking? Are these the things that soothe you? Or, if you’re a man, are you an architect or inventor of some wildly specific product? (Coffee sleeves in Made of Honor, I’m looking at you.)

6. You’re At A Wedding, And It’s Being Interrupted

Anyone’s wedding. Yours. His. The wedding that your beau is filming for a job but you’ve just realized you love him so you interrupt a stranger’s wedding? Any time someone is SAYING “speak now or forever hold your peace” you’re DEFINITELY in a romantic comedy. Well, or a Taylor Swift song.

(They Came Together poster )