I’m a child of the 90’s and therefore, Nick at Nite. So when The Brady Bunch Movie came out in 1995, I was already VERY familiar with the antics of the Bradys. In fact, a weird thing was happening in the 90’s-00’s where lots of stuff I watched on Nick at Nite became movies for me! (The Addams Family, Addams Family Values and Mary and Rhoda come to mind.)

I always really liked The Brady Bunch because, though not a blended family, my dad’s family also had three boys and three girls and used to take awesome pictures like this:

Which just made me want five siblings even more (I only have one but I like him a WHOLE LOT so it makes up for it).

Here are five ways The Brady Bunch Movie ruined my life:

1. Made Me Feel Like One of the Cool Kids

Here are great things about the Bradys: they support each other, they’re genuine, they have a live-in housekeeper.

The great things about the Bradys in The Brady Bunch Movie is that they’re ALL fish-out-of-water. (One of my favorite things is fish-out-of-water scenarios.)

The Bradys placed smack in the middle of the 90’s was some kind of wonderful like I had never seen before.

Also being familiar with the TV show made me feel like an insider for getting all the “in” jokes from the show. This was probably where I learned about feeling superior for getting references to things. That, and The Simpsons, of course.

2. Final Nail In the Figurative “I Love Christine Taylor” Coffin

Anyone remember the Nickelodeon CLASSIC Hey Dude? Well, I LOVED that show. And one of the reasons was Christine Taylor.

But the thing is, I also loved Marcia Brady. (That hair.)

So when you combine these two loves and have Christine Taylor playing Marcia Brady my little 11-year-old brain nearly exploded.

Luckily, I still get Christine Taylor in my life via movies Ben Stiller is in or Arrested Development (which Ben Stiller was also in).

And I’ll never forget singing the Hey Dude theme song outside her and Ben Stiller’s New York apartment which, unluckily for them, was across the street from my freshman year dorm.

3. Really Tough For Me to Handle All the Cameos

I earnestly thought The Monkees was a current show when I watched it on Nick at Nite.

Just let that sink in.

So when my mom told me she watched it when SHE was a kid, I was shocked.

Equally shocking was the Davy Jones cameo in The Brady Bunch Movie where the students weren’t excited for it but the teachers were?

I was squarely on the side of the teachers thinking, “THIS IS AMAZING! WHY WON’T DAVY JONES PLAY AT MY SCHOOL?!”


But then also we got Alanna Ubach from Beakman’s World.

Who obviously was in other later favorites of mine like Freeway and Legally Blonde, etc.

Another Nick at Nite staple was Laverne & Shirley so seeing Michael McKean as a villain was very upsetting to me. (Though I also loved him from This is Spinal Tap which I watched as a kid but didn’t fully appreciate until I was older, of course. But I liked it enough to get them appearing on The Simpsons, even though I thought they were just a normal band.)

And then we have David Leisure who I knew as the friend from Empty Nest and also loved when he appeared in 10 Things I Hate About You.

But let’s not overlook the appearance of Eric Nies from Real World: New York and MTV, in general.

And then obviously the appearance of Ann B. Davis (born in my hometown Schenectady, NY!), Florence Henderson, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight obviously were NOT lost on me.

4. Definitely Re-Wrote “It’s a Sunshine Day” For a Performance

Did anyone else participate in a thing called Odyssey of the Mind? I did, in 6th and 7th grade. It was kind of through your school but meetings were held outside of school. You’d have a main challenge for your team and then you’d compete day of for some other things. Or something.

Here’s one of my tee shirts from it:

So in 6th grade I signed up for OM, as the cool kids called it, and our challenge for the main thing was, I’m not joking, to create something to help someone with a disability. So you’d create the product and then also present basically a commercial for it. So you ended up with a mini play you had to perform about your product.

So the product we came up with was an adjustable prosthetic leg for little kids who were growing but missing a leg. I want to point out we did not do this as a joke. We were 11 and very serious about helping kids who lost their legs. We went to prosthetic leg stores and did research and everything.

The point is, I was cast as the girl missing a leg (we had me stand next to a chair with one leg propped on it.

So we took the song “It’s a Sunshine Day” (which they sing dancing through Sears) and set the beginning of our commercial to that with re-written lyrics.

Here is what I remember:

“I think I’ll go for a walk outside now with my new adjustable leg!”

Pretty sure the performance also involved “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)” by Monica.

5. Wanted to Only Do The “Marcia” Dance at School Dances

Marcia was my beauty idol. Marcia as played by Christine Taylor was my everything idol. (Let’s ignore the fact that she’s very self-involved and mean to her sister.)

That goofy thumbs dance she does while dancing to Davy Jones is one of the best things I’ve ever seen and I wanted to do it all the time. We’d do it at home while watching the movie and definitely tried to find songs to dance like that to at school dances. Brilliant.

(All images my own or screengrabbed by me)