5 Reasons I Love ‘Gossip Girl’

Gossip Girl had its series finale, but don’t worry! It lives forever on the Internet. And while I’ve always enjoyed it, in the last few weeks I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. No, it’s not Girls (which I can only watch parts of, obvs) or Louie  (another show I can only watch parts of sometimes) or Parks and Recreation (thebest!); it’s  really just delicious, wannabe eye candy. I’m two seasons back in, and I find myself going, “Oh, Blaire Waldorf!” and “No, Serena Van Der Woodsen, not again!”

So join me, as I list 5 reasons why I’m all over Gossip Girl, all over again.


They are both not the nicest of girls, that’s a given. But Serena and Blaire (when they aren’t attacking each other) are so cute. They’re so comfortable with each other when they’re in their ‘on’ phases.  I love their fashion talk,  because I could never shop where they do, so it’s nice to dream! Right?


Not only are their plot lines awesomely ridiculous, but the guys look UBER-awesome. I mean, their looks just top it off. Chuck is a great diva and Nate… oh, poor Nate. He just wants to love. And yet he can’t seem to get out of his own way, you know what I’m saying? It makes me sad that Nate isn’t a real human, because now we can’t get married. Oh well. At least I have Niall Horan right?! (On a side note, I feel bad for almost everyone in this show though. Their home lives don’t seem very pleasant. All of their parents’ faces are weird and they’re always freaked out about things.)


Every episode has so much going on. I can never keep track of who’s fighting, who likes who and when Jenny will be baby Jenny again? I love this intrigue. It keeps me on my toes! Now I know gossip is evil and you shouldn’t be talking about anyone, which is where Gossip Girl comes in; they do all the talking for you!


Dan is so cute, he deserves his own reason why I love Gossip Girl. Because my relationship with Dan is complicated. I like that he’s down-to-earth, and a writer. BUT. He kind of just annoys me sometimes because he’s a pushover. And so confused all the time! Same with Serena. It’s like, Serena, Dan is perfect for you! When will you realize this and stop screwing things up every few episodes?! Jeez Louise. But, it’s okay. Dan’s looks make up for it all. Damn, this cast is just full of good looking people.


Parents? I’m listing parents? Well, yeah. Rufus is just coooool. He was in a band, Lincoln Hawk, he is raising his kids in Brooklyn, he wears a sweet choker necklace. I mean, srsly. And Lily? When she’s not busy pursuing her lips, she’s not so bad. I’m only in the second season so I can’t remember what happens between them, but when will they get together?! What will happen to Serena and Dan if their parents get together? Will they double date? Will Serena have to move on? Oh, the drama!