Danielle Sepulveres
February 08, 2015 6:00 am

While growing up, my mother introduced me to all sorts of iconic and just plain awesome television shows and films to watch. One thing she always did was point out the importance of supporting actors.

Today with all the different platforms that are provided to get a sense of someone’s talent (YouTube and Twitter just to name a couple), it’s even easier to seek out that steadily working, supporting player when you want to see more of them. And more importantly you can try to use your own social media platform to tell the world-and TV/Film executives-about why you love them and why EVERYONE should see more of them.

Here are five women in particular whom I believe we all need in our lives in larger doses.

Sara Benincasa

I’m almost not quite sure where to begin with Sara, except to just say you’d be hard pressed to find a more likable social media presence. She’s not only laugh-out-loud funny, she’s smart, kind and always looking to promote unique artistic projects of others. Having two published books is impressive in of itself, but one of Sara’s books, “Great” is a re-imagined YA version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” exploring a same-sex relationship between the main characters. The sheer brilliance and creativity to even come up with a concept like that makes me want to read everything she writes.

Her other book “Agorafabulous!” poignantly yet comedically recounts her very debilitating struggle with agoraphobia, including a part concerning a new usage for cereal bowls that you won’t soon forget. In her work (she has 2 new books coming out this year!), she tends to find a perfect balance of relating her innermost anxieties and insecurities and connecting with an audience emotionally as well as with her comedy.

She’s done numerous vlogs and radio shows, but currently hosts a podcast called “In The Casa” which is hilarious and interesting with amazing guests, really showcasing her talent as an interviewer. I watched her at the 2014 Brooklyn Book Fair interviewing Bob Saget and John Leguizamo, two larger than life personalities on their own, and she effortlessly created a conversation that made the whole audience get a sense of each individual’s personality aside from just learning about their writing endeavors. I really just want someone to please make “In The Casa” a talk show on television—or on the web—because I’d watch her interview anyone and everyone.

Until that day? In the meantime, You can listen to her podcast here:

Fortune Feimster

I first saw Fortune on Chelsea Lately and immediately found her so charming, real and of course incredibly funny. She comes across as someone you’d totally pay to watch perform for an hour and at the same time want to have drinks with while convincing her to be your new best friend.

Friends of mine were already fans from seeing her as a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing and were ecstatic to find her again on Chelsea Lately. Since then she’s appeared in small roles on Mulaney, 2 Broke Girls, Workaholics, done a half hour special for Comedy Central and a standup set on Conan. She was even “inconveniently interviewed” by HelloGiggles own Risa Sarachan!

Each time I’ve watched Fortune, even in bit parts, she totally shines and makes me want to see her regularly recurring on her own show. The good news is that Tina Fey totally agrees with me—great minds think alike of course!. Teaming up with Fey as a producer, Fortune will star in a pilot based on her family life and stand-up comedy.

Until we get to see this new show, Fortune is keeping us entertained on Twitter and you can get tickets to see her perform live all over the country by checking out her tour dates on her website.

Tracey Wigfield

Tracey had already earned my lifelong respect when I discovered she had been hired by Tina Fey at the age of twenty-three. Nope I’m not jealous. Then of course the two of them won an Emmy Award together for the series finale of 30 Rock. Now she’s on the writing staff for The Mindy Project, a writer’s room which consistently delivers incredibly smart and funny episodes that I love.

Just in the past year she’s even appeared on the show as Dr. Lauren Barinholtz, a love interest of Dr. Peter Prentice and co-hosted TheView twice in one week. Part of what makes Tracey so appealing is her gradual rise to the place she is now. She began as a page for The Late Show With David Letterman literally directing people where to use the bathroom and just kept learning, writing and taking chances to get to where she is now. In an interview with “Cosmopolitan” she mentions that her dream is to create her own show and possibly star in it. And I would totally watch it.

Until that dream is realized, obviously we can watch The Mindy Project as we always do, but there’s also Tracey’s Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.


Also known as @unfoRETTAble as her Twitter handle accurately describes her, she’s part of the beloved cast of Parks and Recreation, a show that I can’t believe will be leaving us after making me cry-laugh so many times. After becoming obsessed with her as Donna Meagle, I started following her on Twitter and discovered one of the most entertaining accounts to pop up into my daily newsfeed. Not only does Retta watch almost all of the television shows that I personally watch. She will live tweet (or sometimes DVR tweet because she’s a busy lady) these shows with unabashed candor. Calling out characters for stupid decisions, cheering love connections, and sometimes posting clips to her Instagram to drive home her reactions, she’s almost more fun than the episodes themselves.

So not only do I now want to see her guest star on Empire, The Walking Dead, The Mindy Project, The Good Wife, Scandal and more, I want her to have her own show after Parks and Rec (sob) ends. Also? I wouldn’t mind having her pull a Chris Hardwick and host after shows for all her favorite shows either. She has always driven home how important it is to “treat yo’ self” and we all could use a little more Retta on our televisions to achieve it.

Anna Camp

Aca-scuse me, but Anna Camp doesn’t have her own show yet? Anyone who can commit to a projectile vomiting scene in a film is clearly a boss. And that’s after singing, dancing and acting like the amazing ingenue she is. Nailing incredible roles in shows like True Blood, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, Mad Men and kickass movies like Pitch Perfect and The Help, means she’s everywhere lately. She’s also known for starring with Daniel Radcliffe in the 2008 Broadway revival of Equus I have so much admiration for her range and willingness to successfully take on the comedic as well as the dramatic. She’s made me laugh, root for her and fiercely despise her all depending on what role she’s playing.

Until I can see Anna on a regular weekly basis-which I ALMOST can considering all of her guest starring roles—I will go see her in Verité, a darkly comedic play she’s starring in for the next month and a half in New York City.

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