Caroline Gerdes
June 13, 2014 9:49 am

A TV show within a TV show makes for great TV. Think 30 Rock’s reality series or Joey Tribbiani’s turn on Days of Our Lives. Sometimes our favorite small screen characters really score and land their own fictional big screen movies. That’s when things get super weird—in a good way. Here are some fictional films from TV that I wish were real:

5) “Sack Lunch,” Seinfeld

While Seinfeld created a universe of fictitious films I would pay to see, the “Sack Lunch” episode was a personal favorite. When everyone else wants to see WWII drama “The English Patient” (a real film that won Oscars), Elaine just can’t get on board. After a myriad of misadventures, including a plane hijacking, Elaine still doesn’t get to see “Sack Lunch” and stays bothered by the fact that she doesn’t know if the people on the poster were shrunk down or if they are, in fact, in a giant sack.

4) “Needles, California” and “Attila the Hun,” Sex and the City

After Smith makes his way on the scene as the “Absolut Hunk,” he gets cast in the fictional Gus Van Sant film as a model and junkie.  Does anyone else think this movie would rock IRL? P.S. I also have to add Smith’s untitled Attila the Hun film as an honorable mention. We see Smith in one shot in the last episode with a long blond wig and furs — talk about Attila the Hunk! That’s as SATC punny as I get.

3) “The Chunks 2: A Very Chunky Christmas,” 30 Rock

Throughout the series, Tracy’s film titles were usually thrown out for a laugh; for example, “Black Cop/White Cop,” “Who Dat Ninja,” “Fat Bitch” and his dramatic debut in “Hard to Watch: Based on the Novel ‘Stone Cold Bummer’ by Manipulate.” Of course, Jenna often felt her films were overshadowed by Tracy’s—but who could forget “The Rural Juror?”

2) “The Wedding Bride,” HIMYM

When Stella leaves Ted at the altar, her movie writer ex (who she leaves Ted for) adds insult to injury by rewriting Ted and Stella’s relationship in the form of a bad rom-com, with Ted as the villain. Classic Schmosby.

1) “Les Cousins Dangereux,” Arrested Development

While Maeby brought so many fake movies to life during her stint as a child producer, from “The Ocean Walker” to the “Gangy” horror film series, I think “Les Cousins Dangereux”—and its bastardized American adaptation, “Dangerous Cousins”—was the perfect parallel to the Maeby and George Michael romance.