I wasn’t much into The Real Housewives series until they ventured into my hometown three years ago – Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. Once I became totally addicted to the antics of the Richards sisters and Lisa Vanderpump’s relationship with her husband Ken (and subsequent falling out with perpetual houseguest Cedric), I had to catch up on other cities. I could discuss the three cities I watch with anyone at length- Miami, Beverly Hills and New York – but there are so many more narcissistic, delusional and plastic women with bottomless bank accounts waiting to be discovered and launched to fame and spin-offs. Come on Bravo, let’s explore more is the United States and get international up in here!

The Real Housewives of the UAE

The Real Housewives of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is a small country on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, and in the UAE are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Oh, the extravagance. You might remember Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2 and Dubai as a rich, fabulous oasis. Although burkas are the norm on the streets and in the highest end designer stores, which are EVERYWHERE, under them, bring on the Dior, Vuitton, Chanel, etc. The heat in the desert won’t compare to the heat between the ladies. Bring it on, UAE. And maybe a cultural learning experience for viewers?


I am actually shocked The Real Housewives of Dallas doesn’t already exist, what with the fabulous giant hats and all. And the oil money – oh, the oil money. I really can’t imagine anything better that the ladies drinking sweet tea at the country club – in hats, of course – going at it in perfect southern accents while their chivalrous husbands stand aside in cowboy hats, making mildly sexist comments. Of course, Mark Cuban’s (Dallas Mavericks owner) wife would be queen bee. I’m already blinded by the big hair, bling and pastel-colored dresses. Oh, oh! And there could be church outings with a severe undertone of animosity! And there will no doubt be a scandal involving a Cowboys cheerleader.


Of course, the undertone of The Real Housewives of Moscow would be the Russian mafia. Despite popular belief, they are alive and thriving. Let’s get the vodka flowing and the borscht stirring! In Beverly Hills, Atlanta or New York, the Russian winter chill might be a reason to stay in one’s palatial home, but in Moscow, oh no – the bitter cold is an opportunity. An opportunity to flaunt one’s sable coat collection. And in the beginning, they could be holding shots of Stoli!

Las Vegas

Vegas may not be perceived to many, including myself, as a real city. But I assure you, The Real Housewives of Las Vegas dispute those beliefs. There are some people there. Some people there with money. Many, many moneys, in fact. Their husbands may be casino owners spending their time on the links, but the RHOLV are bringing the heat to the plastic surgeon’s office by day and the casino and dance floors by night. And obviously they’d by holding dice in the beginning, duh.

Hong Kong

Yes, much of China is seen as living in poverty, but the island of Hong Kong is thriving. The Real Housewives of Hong Kong would be a spectacle. The jet-setting lifestyle, shopping sprees, extravagant homes and what really sets your status in Hong Kong: cars. A good five years ahead of US fashion trends, the fashion would be priceless, for sure sparking their own Twitter accounts.