South Africa’s new favorite DJ is only 3 years old

While most toddlers are fiddling around with Fisher-Price toys, this 3 year-old is working the turntables.

Meet DJ Arch Jnr (AKA AJ), the 3-year-old DJ who is winning hearts around the world thanks to his appearance on South Africa’s Got Talent.

Just seconds into his audition, the young selector had won the crowd over with his impressive cross fades and filter techniques. Amazed at his skill set, the judges pressed down on their coveted golden buttons, sending DJ Arch Jnr straight to the semi-finals.

This isn’t new territory for the young DJ, though. Thanks to a music software program his father bought, DJ Arch Jnr has been learning the ropes since the tender age of 1. If he’s already learning about sound texture and rhythm this early on, we can’t even begin to imagine what he’ll be capable of a few years down the line.

Catch DJ Arch Jnr working the ones and twos on the SAGT stage, below.

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[Image via YouTube]