Olivia Harvey
Updated December 14, 2017
noral_walls123 / https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb9bKD0nlJv/

Grandmama always said that the key to a holly, jolly Christmas is plenty of Christmas memes. Okay, you got us — grandmama doesn’t know what a meme is. But even so, a good Christmas meme certainly puts us in the holiday spirit and we want to pay the spirit forward.

We don’t know about you guys, but come December, the only content we want to see on the internet is everything Christmas. We want to see Christmas baking recipes on our favorite food blogs. Christmas decor is the only thing that graces our Pinterest boards. Red and green is the only color combo we wear. And sorry not sorry, mom, but we’re only watching the videos you share with us if they have a Christmas theme!

So naturally, when we’re looking to pull ourselves out of the stress cloud caused by Christmas shopping for everyone we know, we turn to our favorite Christmas memes for a good ho ho ho session.

Please do your friends and family a good Christmas deed and share these memes with them. They’ll most likely tell you to “please for the love of Santa stop sharing these Christmas memes with me” more than a few times. But don’t let that break your holiday spirit. Be the Rudolph to their Abominable Snowman.

1Break out the Santa blanket.

2Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.


3Merry Chrysler.

4Hope you got the tinsel out, Helen. And Helen, don’t forget the lights.

5The only song we will get down to during the month of December.

6Are we…not enough?

7Not a crizzle was stizzlin’.

8Count your blessings, kiddos.

9You had your time, Halloween. Gtfo.


10Oh, do you like it?

11Birthday ruined!

12The toughest month for selfish Chihuahuas.

13Poot deserves that honorable position.

14You can never have too much of all this.

15Christmas hack!

16Brandon. Brandon, please ask.

17Alternate ending.

18It’s time to Christmas choreograph, people.


19Santa’s got a brand new ride.

20A simple, easy gift. Fun for the whole family.

21It’s time.

It truly is the best time of the year!