jessica tholmer
April 13, 2015 5:23 am

Since 1992, a year most of us were too young to be watching MTV (but probably did anyway?), the Movie Awards have been a big deal. For people who love awards shows (like myself), the MTV Movie Awards have always been really refreshing. Less prestigious than the Academy Awards or even the Golden Globes, the MTV Movie Awards have categories geared toward your favorite movies—no, not just “Best Actor,” but stuff like “Best Kiss,” which let’s be real, is way more exciting anyway. Last night was the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and, per usual, much fun was had.

EINTKILF the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

1. Young adult literature MATTERS.

Not only did The Fault in Our Stars win “Best Movie,” it won a plethora of other awards like “Best Kiss” and “Best Female Performance.” Though I feel like the world is coming around on the importance of young adult literature, it is always nice to feel the recognition across the board. The Fault in Our Stars was such an important story, so well-written, and such an incredible film portrayal.

2. Jennifer Lopez is still the queen.
Why does Jennifer Lopez look like it is still 1997? Why is Lopez the best human of all-time? Why did I see Boy Next Door in the movie theater?! Because Jennifer Lopez has ruled my world for all of my life, and as she won the “Best Scared-as-S*** Performance” last night, it was clear that Lopez is the queen.

3. Watch out for Dylan O’Brien.
Not only did Dylan O’Brien win “Best Hero” for Maze Runner, but he won “Best Breakthrough Performance.” If you don’t know O’Brien’s name already, you should get to know it now. Past winners of the MTV Movie Award’s Best Breakthrough Performance award? Kirsten Dunst, George Clooney (I know, what?), Katie Holmes, Erika Christensen, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Garner, Rachel McAdams, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson—so pretty much no one who has ever done anything again?

Their record is pretty 100%, y’all. Expect to see O’Brien again and again.

4. Shailene Woodley is life.

Shailene Woodley stole our entire hearts in Fault of Our Stars, but she has done even more since then. Woodley’s speech to author John Green made us all cry (you can admit it), and basically every time Woodley has opened her mouth, she weaves gold. Though Woodley has made waves in some of her responses, I can never not love a woman who says what she is thinking. This young girl has a strong head on her shoulders and I am excited to see where the world takes her. (Oh and see John Green tearing up at her speech below)

5. Also watch out for Tinashe.

I am old, you guys, and I admittedly had no idea who Tinashe was until last weekend when I was at the gym and Keeping Up With the Kardashians had already ended. Her music video for “All Hands On Deck” came on and it literally made me stay on the treadmill for ten extra minutes because I wanted to rock her outfit. Last night, Tinashe joined  Charli XCX and Ty Dolla Sign (who…I don’t know who that is) for a performance of a song that made me embarrassed to listen to! I’m getting old! These musical performances feel racier than when I was a kid, but maybe not since Britney Spears was not that innocent and all. Anyway, the point is, I feel like Tinashe is gonna be around for awhile, and I am happy to have her here.

6. Kevin Hart is the most adorable.

Upon accepting his award for “Comedic Genius,” something I very much agree with, instead of spending any time talking about how hilarious he is, Hart dedicated the award to his kids instead. I am a big fan of any man in the spotlight who chooses to shout out his kids (and their mothers) in a speech. Kevin Hart, you and your children and your life is really special.

7. We should all aspire to be Robert Downey, Jr.

I have nothing more to say than he can say himself.

8. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have mad chemistry, even virtually.
Since the first time I remember watching this award show, “Best Kiss” has been my favorite award. No, duh, really. I will never forget Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly winning for Dumb and Dumber in 1995. The most ridiculous kiss ever, and that is what I think of every single time I think of this award. Though Woodley and Elgort had a much better, higher anticipated kiss, Dumb and Dumber will forever live on in my heart. Since Elgort wasn’t present at the awards, he did give the old thumbs up virtually. Check out how cute his tweet about winning best kiss was:

(Though let’s be real, no one will beat Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling ever in the history of time.)

9. Amy Schumer is amazing.
Amy Schumer started her monologue by joking about how half of the people in the audience probably don’t know who she is. I always appreciate a bit of self-deprecating humor, but for people who don’t know Schumer yet, you should get to know her. Schumer’s humor is edgy, usually not insanely offensive, and very relatable. She did a great job hosting the show, and we cannot wait to see her in Trainwreck this summer movie season.

10. Scream looks pretty bomb.
Oh okay since we got a special trailer debut during the Movie AwardsI have to comment. Even though we all like to joke about MTV not playing music, it is cool that the network is keeping up with the times by premiering their own original series. Also, Scream being based off of the movie(s) Scream assures I will watch it religiously. Maybe we’ll get a Neve Campbell cameo?!

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