Martha Stewart may have a bad rep for stock market corruption and spending five months in prison, but this girl is one of us. Sure, she may be a billionaire, have a crazy uptight beauty regime and be America’s most fabulous homemaker, but her good taste is just undeniable, especially when it comes to famous actors with adorable pseudo Brooklyn accents.

1. Martha has a special language she only uses with animals.

2. Like normal folk, she snacks in front of the fridge! Her favorite refrigerated quick treats include buttermilk straight from the carton, liverwurst and pickles.

3. She loves hot dogs and isn’t afraid to admit it.

4. She color coordinated Post-Its and loves leaving people little notes.

5. Martha is the daughter of Polish immigrants and is one of six children.

6. She trained herself how to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes by reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking and learning from her mama.

7. Martha Stewart is a completely self-made woman. You go, girl!

8. She started modeling at 13 and that’s how she paid her way through college.

9. While incarcerated, Martha taught yoga to her fellow inmates.

10. For her first day back to work, she wore a poncho crocheted by an inmate.

11. Martha’s got 2.3 million Twitter followers.

12. She brings fresh lemons wherever she goes, because you never know when you might need ’em.

13. As a kid, she used to trap muskrats.

14. Martha LOVES a good scrambled egg!

15. She adores rap music. Who would have guessed?

16. One of Martha’s favorite shows is Downton Abbey. She says, “It’s a soap opera, but there are no grammatical mistakes!”

17. Martha watched all 13 episodes of Homeland while she was making jam.

18. She’s 71 and looks AMAZING. I mean, come on. She’s clearly immortal.

19. She just finished writing her 76th book.

20. Martha is a total Ryan Gosling fangirl and like us, simply cannot resist his charm and famous Ryan Gosling smirk!

Featured image via Perez Hilton, Photo credits: and Thebridesguide