Emily Price
Updated August 26, 2015

It looks like no one told the cast of Friends that life was going to be this way…

Cosmopolitan unearthed this epic video interview with the group from 1995, right after Friends was ending its first season on the air. In a chat with Oprah (their first TV interview!), the young cast talks about how they try to watch the show together when they can. It’s all super adorbs.

Despite being on what Oprah calls “the hottest new sitcom” it turns out the group still hadn’t quite hit celebrity status. At that point they were all still able to hit the town like normal folks, and while they sometimes got recognized, it didn’t happen all that often.

Lisa Kudrow even comments: “If you’re in LA, no-one cares, because there’s bigger, better stars than us walking around!” Oh sweet, young Lisa, little do you know what’s about to happen.

We don’t want to ruin all the fun for you. Check out the video, below, for yourself. It’s SO worth it. Afterwards, check out the video at the bottom, where Oprah interviews the cast again after they finish their ninth and final season. Oh, how things have changed…

(Image via NBC)