DVR addicts, rejoice! Fall TV is so close, I can smell it. Specifically, season three of The Mindy Project is almost upon us—it returns September 16th. After Mindy’s spring hiatus and summer break, I’m ready to dive in headfirst and see what our friends at Shulman & Associates have been up to.

Already some spoilers for the upcoming season have been leaked. We know that Mindy’s going to have some issues with Danny’s mom (played by the awesome Rhea Perlman). Adam Pally also told Entertainment Weekly that Mindy and Danny’s relationship will make things a bit awkward in the office. “I think anytime in an office dynamic, when two people of authority are dating each other, there can be kind of like a mommy-daddy situation,” said Pally. “So I think a little of that will be in play. Also, just like general gossip will be primarily focused on the new couple.”

Speaking of that new couple—here are 18 things we absolutely need to see on season three of The Mindy Project.

1. Gratuitous amounts of Danny & Mindy

The television gods put them together, Nora Ephron-style, and they made it serious. Now, I’d appreciate it if they’d rub it in my face for good measure. Often and a lot. Without holding back! Thanks.

2. More Morgan!

I will never be able to get enough Morgan. He is super bizarre and awkward, but that’s what makes him so great. Plus, he proved himself a great and loyal friend by helping Danny win Mindy over. Maybe he’ll be rewarded with some love from Tamra?

3. A proper storyline for Jeremy

Forever the b-plot character, Jeremy could use a moment or two in the spotlight. He’s grown on me as the series goes on, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him, if only for the accent.

4. Peter’s happily ever after

Peter + Lauren = ? I hope things work out for them, because Peter deserves to be happy. Also, smart girls rule.

5. A famous patient at Shulman & Associates

When I say a famous patient, I mean a famous patient playing herself. Kendra Wilkinson has been in Mindy’s office before, but Mindy didn’t lose her cool about it, because Kendra played an MMA girl named Marie. Imagine the fun storyline: Olivia Wilde comes to Shulman & Associates, makes an appointment with Dr. Castellano (!), Mindy freaks out and gets insecure, but is still massively star struck. The episode writes itself.

6. More guest stars!

Speaking of a famous patient, The Mindy Project has an impressive resume of guest stars from its first two seasons. I should be fortunate for what we’ve already been afforded, but Fox spoiled me early on, and now there’s no going back. Shower me with celebrities, Mindy. Keep the celebrities coming.

7. Danny’s dance moves

The Aaliyah dance: playing on repeat in my mind since 2013. More of that please.

8. An official “meet the family” scenario

We already know that the great Rhea Perlman has been cast for Danny’s mom, and episode three is titled ‘Annette Castellano is My Nemesis,’ so this is happening. Time to watch Mindy squirm. Will Danny come to her rescue?

9. Rishi

Just bring him back. We cool?

10. An episode centered around flashbacks

It would be pretty great if there was an episode told through flashbacks that had a lot of fun with portraying ’90s Mindy and ’90s Danny. Ideally this would happen sooner rather than later.

11. Drunk Mindy

Give the girl a few drinks and see what happens. We saw her take shots once, but she claimed to eat a loaf of bread before going out and essentially remained sober. I imagine drunk Mindy would be just like regular Mindy, but her personality would be magnified x1000. Which is something I would really, really enjoy seeing.

12. Happy Danny

He’s always so. . . surly. But Mindy has a way of bringing out his softer, more caring side, so now that they’re together, hopefully we’ll get to see more of that. What are his guilty pleasures? His super secret weird habits? Guess what: We’re probably going to find out! Show me the sweet nothings.

13. . . . and Grumpy Danny

I do love Grumpy Danny. He’s so particular, and it’s just so easy to set him off. I think I would die on the spot if Chris Messina ever threw me the Danny Castellano side-eye.

14. Danny and Mindy move in together

Or at least talk about it. She’s looking to buy a place anyway, and if they’re as serious as they sounded on the top of the Empire State Building, they’ll be floating the idea by episode four. At least Mindy will be in her head, anyway. And remember: Relationships and time move at a much faster pace in TV land. Also, rent is very expensive in New York City and if there’s a chance Mindy could move in with Danny and the timing was right, I bet you she’d jump on it.

15. . . . and get a cat or a dog

It will likely be a cat, and it will likely have an absurd name like Bemeownce or Jennifer Pawrence or Princess Leia Lady Sparkles III. Despite its feminine name, it will be a boy cat. Danny will pretend to be annoyed by the cat, but he will secretly grow fond of it and feed it treats when Mindy isn’t looking. One day he will discover Mindy got the cat to prep him for taking care of their unborn children, and he will be mad at first, but then everything will be okay. This episode also writes itself.

16. A professional triumph for Mindy

I would love it if she received an award or was recognized for her accomplishments or was added to a Best Doctors list, and got to wear an evening gown to a fancy dinner to celebrate. Anything that reminds Mindy she’s a role model for other women by being a powerful, successful working woman is a win in my book.

17. . . . and a struggle

Mindy is only human, and as a working woman, I would appreciate a storyline where she questions herself at work, or faces a professional dilemma. After all, her job is a big part of the series, so why not dip into it for story inspiration? Let’s all sit at the table and quote Lean In, yeah?

18. Oh, and some awards for the show, cast and crew.

Did you not see Chris Messina’s Aaliyah bit? Sorely overlooked. #GiveMindyHerEmmy

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