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Updated Apr 13, 2014 @ 11:54 am

Tonight’s the MTV Movie Awards, guys! Are you excited for the ultimate frat party of the award ceremonies? I know I am. Whether it’s a staged make-out session, someone not wearing pants, or the never-ending sexual innuendoes, the MTV Movie Awards never fail to shock or surprise us. In preparation for tonight’s shenanigans, we have pooled together a list of the sixteen craziest, most monumental events to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards!

1. 1999: Jim Carey accepts award as a burned-out hippie

Remember when Jim Carey was totally bonkers? He won the Best Male Performance for The Truman Show that year, and came disguised with a full on Jesus ‘do. Watch him bellow, “you’re all going in my fantasy file tonight!” to all the ladies in the crowd and smoke a cigarette on stage. Afterward, he gets carried off like he’s totally wasted. Awesome.

2. 2004: Lindsay Lohan hosts the MTV Movie Awards

At the height of her career (right after the release Mean Girls), LiLo nailed it at the MTV Movie Awards, and even put on a show that put Britney Spears to shame (okay, maybe not quite, but it was pretty good – girl could get down).

3. 2005: Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s epic kiss

If you didn’t watch The Notebook by 2005, then you were truly a hater of love and all that is romantic. Rachel McAdams won the “Best Kiss” award, and to celebrate, she and her real-life boyfriend Ryan Gosling reenacted one of the most iconic make-out scenes in movie history. It’s probably the sweetest thing that ever happened to the MTV Movie Awards.

4. 2005: Eminem starts his performance by accosting LiLo with a puppet.

The MTV Movie Awards aren’t the MTV Movie Awards if someone doesn’t get made fun of or hit on.

5. 2009: Bruno “drops in” on Eminem

In a pseudo-attempt to float into the crowd, Sasha Baron Cohen (as his near-naked character Bruno) “accidentally” flew into Eminem’s face. And Eminem was legitimately upset and could not take a joke.

6. 2011: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fake us out in 2011

At the height of their “are they actually a couple or not” days, Robert and Kristen joked around, wondering if they should “finally kiss.” It’s super awkward and adorable. Robert claimed he didn’t want to kiss, and that there was someone in the audience who would “appreciate it more.” Team Edward AND Jacob, much?

7. 2009: Kristen Stewart accidentally drops her trophy, J.Law-style

It turns out Kristen was the original clumsy girl in Hollywood. Watch Robert’s face, he was totally amused and in love.

8. 2003: Amanda Bynes and Hillary Duff joke about how hot Ashton Kutcher is, t.A.T.u performs

Nothing screams “2003” more than Amanda Bynes, Hillary Duff, Ashton Kutcher’s celebrated hotness, t.A.T.u’s faux lesbianism and their song “Not Gonna Get Us.” Awww, come be nostalgic with me!

9. 1992: William Shatner’s performance in 1992

1992 was the first year of the MTV Movie Awards, and it began with William Shatner singing “I Wanna Sex You Up.” I was two when this happened and probably more focused on Barney, but I imagine it was quite the shocker at the time.

10. 2012: Elizabeth Banks gets carried away with Magic Mike

Elizabeth Banks got to live every girl’s fantasy when she accepted the “Best On-Screen Transformation Award” in The Hunger Games. After giving her acceptance speech, she got carried off by Big Dick Richie, but not after she and the boys from Magic Mike have a little on stage sexual chemistry.

11. Halle Berry uses her boobs promotionally

To combat Hollywood’s double standard with nudity, Halle Berry forced John Travolta and Hugh Jackman to expose themselves to crowd while pretending to orgasm. Travolta and Jackman ended up showing their bellies, while Halle pointed to her chest and told everyone to go see Swordfish in order to see “these.” Classy!

12. 2001: Lil Kim shows up wearing this:

13. 2011: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis get handsy

JT and Mila Kunis announced they have never dated, and to prove their totally platonic relationship, they each cop a feel.

14. 2013: Snoop Dogg and Kesha light up a spliff

Miley learned from the best.

15. 2013: Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect is perfect

If you didn’t already love Rebel Wilson and the movie, Pitch Perfect, here is another reason.

And I’m going to leave you guys with this, because it truly speaks to me and really makes me miss my tweenhood:

16. 2001: Christina Aguilera wears this:

This was the year “Lady Marmalade” and lace-up pants and shirts were HUGE, remember?

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