Rachel Paige
Updated May 07, 2015 4:46 am

Do you want the good news, or the bad news first? How about we start with the good news, so maybe you don’t freak out so much: Hulu might save The Mindy Project! OK, but why does Hulu need to save The Mindy Project in the fist place? Well, that’s the bad news. Mindy was canceled by Fox.

Yesterday, Fox announced that they wouldn’t be bringing Mindy back for a fourth season. Before that sentence was even finished, there were talks of Hulu reviving it for not one, but possibly two more seasons on the streaming site. Hulu already owns all the streaming rights to the past three seasons, so a move there would make sense. Universal Television, who produces Mindy, is already in “serious” talks with Hulu. Mindy Kaling herself uploaded a vid to Instagram where she winks at us. Is there something already in the works?? Please tell us. This is incredibly important.

So listen, Hulu, let’s have a girl-to-streaming-site talk. You gotta bring Mindy back. Why?

Because, Morgan

Who is Morgan? What is Morgan? Does it even matter? Everything he does and says is comedy gold, and the thought of having him leave our television sets forever breaks my heart.

Because Morgan’s cousin, Lou Tookers

Also Morgan has a cousin, who often shows up, and is just as funny, and is played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenny. I kinda just want a spin-off about the whole Tookers family, so there’s that option.

Because Morgan’s tattoo makes me laugh every time

“No more stealing cars.”

And because Morgan and Tamra are the second best couple on the show

No one can take the top spot away from Mindy and Danny, but Morgan and Tamra come close.

Because we need more dance breaks

Who knew Danny could dance? Think of all the dance routines we’ll never see if Mindy doesn’t come back to TV. Can we even go on?

Because if there’s no Mindy, there is no Peter Prentice

Peter Prentice was the biggest bro with the biggest heart. Adam Pally (who plays him) left the show as a regular in the middle of this season, but the door was always open for him to return for guest spots (which he has already done multiple times). Let’s not shut that door forever.

Because ALL the guest stars

Here are just five: James Franco, Max Greenfield, Allison Tolman, Laverne Cox, and Shonda Rhimes. And that’s only five of the zillion different guest starts who have appeared on Mindy. OK, here are five more: Ana Gasteyer, Stephen Colbert, Timothy Olyphant, Seth Rogen, and Laura Dern (who would totally have a recurring role in season four as Mindy’s own OB-GYN).

Because Jeremy is always on the cusp of doing something more

Out of all the characters on Mindy, Jeremy is often the one to fall into the background. It’s time for Dr. Jeremy Reed to have his day in the sun, and not just because he gains a lot of weight, or because he’s British, or has a weird girlfriend. Dr. Jeremy Reed, we believe in you, just like you believe in Mindy.

Because Danny’s mom is the best

She isn’t just the best, but she is played by the best, too: Rhea Perlman.

Because Mindy can always shut down the haters

Whether it is over appearance, personality, or what rom-com is the best, Mindy always has an appropriate comeback ready to show everyone who’s boss.

Because we can quote Mindy for days

The show’s dialogue is lightning fast and full of so many zingers it often takes a few viewings of each episode to pick up on all the little things. Even if you can’t find the best way to work a quote into a conversation, it’s always a good time to remind everyone we all have the the right to, “life, liberty, and chicken wings.”

Because Mindy always follows her dreams and her heart

Mindy had a successful OB-GYN practice, and she packed up and moved across the country for a fellowship at Standford. It pained her to leave Danny behind, but she did it. She wasn’t willing to compromise what she wanted out of life in the least bit, and in the end she got it all .

Because there’s a baby on the way

This isn’t even up for debate — we need to know what happens to the baby, and how Mindy and Danny deal with that baby. I need to know what they name the baby, because it will probably have something to do with pop culture, and Danny won’t realize it at first. America NEEDS to see the Lahiri-Castellano baby.

Because Mindy will probably talk about Mindy in her new book

I will binge-read (is that a thing?) Mindy’s new book when it comes out this fall. It will more than likely involve chapters about her time working on Mindy. I don’t want to have to cry through her new book over her canceled TV show, OK?

Because Mindy herself is unlike anyone else

I’m going to cite Mindy’s new American Express commercial, if only because it is in heavy rotation right now, and also because it is perfect. In it, Mindy talks about how when she showed up in Hollywood, everyone basically told her she couldn’t play the lead, she had to play “the best friend” and that they don’t put girls like her on TV. Well, Mindy showed everyone, huh? Television can’t afford to lose her positive take on body image, love, and Wreath Witherspoon crafting. We need more Mindy!


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