Karen Belz
May 21, 2014 7:50 am

It’s rare in this day and age that a celebrity doesn’t have a Twitter account. Even if they rarely tweet, they’ve confirmed it as their own – and probably have at least a few thousand followers. I’m a huge supporter of Twitter, it’s especially good for brand-new comedians to gain a following, and even try out a few jokes and see how they’ll resonate with a crowd. (Without the fear of being booed off a stage. Or pelted with tomatoes. That never actually happened outside of cartoons, right?)

If you’re addicted to Twitter, here are a few of our favorite funny people that you should be following.

1. Alex Baze, @bazecraze

I wish I could have included all of Alex’s funny “Mom in NYC” tweet, since they almost brought tears to my eyes. Alex is the head writer for SNL‘s Weekend Update, so if you’ve laughed at something Colin and Cecily said, you have Alex to thank for that.

2. Ben Schwartz, @rejectedjokes

You probably know him best as Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation, but (no surprise) Ben is funny off-screen as well. I predict he has a long career ahead of him.

3. Jacy Catlin, @ieatanddrink

Long story short, Jacy Catlin is hilarious. If you think his twitter is funny, keep in mind that he’s also fond of making Vines, and has a pretty amazing Tumblr account under the same handle.

4. Gloria Fallon, @GloriaFallon123

Our love for Jimmy runs strong around these parts. But talent runs deep in the Fallon household – his sister Gloria is pretty darn entertaining as well. She’s a contributing writer, and awhile back, co-wrote a small book with her brother called I Hate This Place. (It’s literally a small book. It’s shaped like a rectangle.)

5. Conan O’Brien, @ConanOBrien

Conan tweets about once per day, but it’s always funny and it’s very rarely self-promotional. I have to hand it to Conan – back when he joined twitter, he made a point to only follow one random person, and years later, his twitter friendship with Sarah Killen from Michigan is still going strong.

6. Brendan O’Hare, @brendohare

Brendan’s sense of humor is – well – interesting. My personal sense of humor is more on the weird and dark side, so I think his twitter is absolutely hilarious. Not too many people can take seemingly dark or controversial topics and make them funny in a non-offensive way.

7. Patton Oswalt, @pattonoswalt

Even his twitter bio is funny. Wedding DJ (er – dee jay) from Michigan? You’re not fooling anyone, Oswalt! Patton has well over a million followers for a reason – he uses social networking to create his own press, and has been known to troll. But in a clever way, and not a super annoying way.

8. Olivia Wilde, @oliviawilde

Okay, I know. If you caught my recent article on Olivia Wilde, you know I’m already a huge fan of both her, and her twitter account. While risking repetition, I’m putting her on this list as well. What I love about Olivia is that she’s not afraid to take risks, be hilarious, and tell it like it is. And curse a lot.

Her bio also states her as being a world champion parallel parker, which I’m pretty envious of. 9. John Cochran, @JohnMCochran

If you’re a Survivor fan, you’re familiar with Cochran. After he won the big prize, he stated that he’d love to write for television during the live finale. Cochran got his wish, and was quickly given a job writing for The Millers on CBS. It might seem like a weird career jump, but if you check out Cochran’s twitter, you can see that this guy is not only smart – he has an amazing sense of humor, as well.

10. Rose Surnow, @rosesurnow

Rose is a super talented writer, who has had her work published in New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Jezebel, and VICE. She’s also ridiculously funny, and keeps a pretty solid twitter account. She seems like the kind of girl that you’d automatically feel a best friend connection with, upon first glance.

11. Donni Saphire, @donni

Donni rarely utilizes all 140 characters, but that’s totally fine. Since in all honesty, Donni doesn’t need the extra freedom to be really, really funny. He states that he’ll perform at your show if someone funnier backs out, but I doubt that’ll be the case in the near future.

12. Julia Segal, @juliasegal

It takes a really funny person to score a job writing for Jimmy Fallon, and Julia is that person. She also penned the book Feel Better, Little Buddy which features adorably sad pictures of animals in casts. I guess it’s a passion of hers.

13. Louis C.K., @louisck

I’m sure you already love Louie – and if you do, you’ll really love his twitter. Louie has used twitter for a few things, most recently complaining about how difficult his daughter’s math homework was. (And he was right. I saw the pictures of the problems, and felt like I was in a daze.) Louie’s twitter is fascinating, since it’s real – he apologizes for typos, is honest about his feelings, and just seems too real to be a guy who has graced numerous magazine covers and has his own show. He doesn’t really dish out the jokes, but he just seems approachable.

Oh, and one time he tweeted while drunk on a plane. It was pretty amusing.

14. Todd Barry, @toddbarry

Speaking of Louis C.K., let’s mention his good buddy Todd Barry. Todd has done so much in his career – not only is he a comedian, but he’s also an actor, and the host of a pretty successful podcast. And if you’re a fan of Flight of the Concords, you might remember him as a bongo player in the band The Crazy Dogggz.

15. Julie Klausner, @julieklausner

If you’re a fan of Billy Eichner and “Billy On The Street,” you’re probably a fan of Julie as well. Not only has Julie written a book, but she’s going to be helping out with Mulaney, which will be premiering this year. (And if you’re not familiar with John Mulaney, please jump onto Netflix right now and search for his stand-up. He’s a funny, funny man.)

Who are your favorite funny people on Twitter?

Image Credits: Featured, Screencaps through Twitter