The word “legend” suggests that time has allowed a phenomenon to pass from living person to legacy. Sometimes people have to be gone for a while before the public can truly appreciate their work. Galileo Galilei, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Vincent van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh’s ear and Franz Kafka are some examples of personalities whose fame necessitated a passage of time away. But in other instances, the public has the collective foresight to recognize talent in its own time.

With a career that has spanned over three decades, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a body of work that can be appreciated sans hindsight. I have been told that comedy is subjective but, objectively speaking, JLD is funny. Really funny. Even when next to hilarious heavyweights like Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Wanda Sykes and Tony Hale, JLD holds her own. Her propensity for humor is prevalent in her spot-on facial expression that can convey everything from social discomfort to social ineptness to social aversion.

With tonight’s Season 3 premiere of HBO’s VEEP, here are a few of the best JLD faces:

1. The “I guess this is my reality” Face

2. The “Most relatable face to have ever been captured on camera” Face

3. The “I’ve seen some sh*t” Face

4. The “I will never apologize for who I am or my choice in eyewear” Face

5. The “Am I the only one that actually eats as these things” Face

6. The “I’ve seen some sh*t (part 2)” Face

7. The “This iced tea is a much better friend than you” Face

8. The “Yes, I am politically aware” Face

9. The “I have negative amounts of time for you right now” Face

10. The “Social media is the devil” Face

11. The “I just binge-watched House of Cards… Again” Face

12. The “The Vice President just made a really bad pun but I have to laugh anyways cause he is the Vice President” Face

13. The “I will never let you have the satisfaction” Face

14. The “They aren’t as great as they think they are” Face

15. And, finally, the “Please, Reese, I don’t have time for this” Face