There are 4 things in life that never get old: eating, sleeping, 90210 reruns and board games. There are probably other things too, but these four are the essentials. Remember what it was like to choose your favorite board game and force your parents, siblings or friends to play with you? I do, because it happened last night (shout out to Chutes and Ladders and my fiancée). Board games were fun as kids, and they’re still fun now. And as an adult, you’re less likely to throw a temper tantrum if you’re not your favorite color . . . Maybe.

Let’s take a look at some of the best board games you will never be too old to play:

1. Sorry

Sorry was the original “sorry not sorry”. It was always a sarcastic, passive aggressive “sorry,” and it was totally acceptable.

2. Life

This game wasn’t entirely accurate at predicting the future, or else I’d be a movie star with four sets of twins by now. But either way, you can still be a winner in The Game of Life.

3. Twister

Because it’s basically yoga.

4. Ouija Board

We’re older now, so sadly, we know more dead people. That’s just how time works. But it will probably make the game way more interesting.

5. Battleship

Nothing like a non-violent battle between friends. It says “Ages 8 to adult” on the box so we’re good.

6. Mouse Trap

Because maybe as an adult you can actually figure out how to set up this impossible game. P.S. That’s an excitable, tiny Matthew Lawrence in the green shirt!

7. Monopoly

Sure, it offers kids a skewed view of the world (get out of jail free cards, buying houses for $200, etc.), but it’s still a fun game and should never stop being played.

8. Clue

It’s a workout for your brain. I played Clue recently, and my brain hasn’t worked that hard since the last time I played Clue.

9. Trouble

We could all use a little Trouble in our lives. Once you pop, you can’t stop! Or is that Pringles?

10. Chutes and Ladders

The game where it’s way more fun to lose than to win. Climbing ladders isn’t nearly as fun as sliding down chutes.

11. Candy Land

This one is mostly played for nostalgic purposes, but you can make it a lot more interesting by adding adult beverages (or candy if you really want to make things legit).

12. Guess Who

There are only so many ways to describe a cartoon person, though now, you might be more adept with your word choices.

13. Girl Talk

You’re never too old for girl talk, prank calls and zit stickers.

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