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Updated Jun 13, 2014 @ 11:24 am

What could be more shocking than the murderous betrayal of the Starks at a wedding? I guess a lot more, since we are talking about Game of Thrones here. Even Alex Graves, director of Game of Thrones, has stated season four’s finale will give us the biggest shock yet, even compared to the legendary Red Wedding.

Even though I’m scared of what is to come, I’m also excited and little bit sad, too. No more anxiously waiting for Sunday night, or whispering, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” in my fiancee’s ear after it’s very clear what happened. It’s been an awesome season, and I’m sure the finale will not disappoint. Watch the promo for a glimpse into Sunday’s finale episode of Game of Thrones and read on for our GoT finale wish list:

OH, and P.S. – there are spoilers ahead, so if you’re not caught up on Season 4, do not continue reading.

1. Tyrion’s survival

I think all of our main concerns revolve around Tyrion Lannister, easily the best and most sympathetic character on Game of Thrones. Poor Tyrion. He’s been through hell this season, so I really hope he escapes because the thought of his death makes we want to boycott GoT …Until next season, obviously. Will Tyrion be executed? Will Tywin decapitate his own son? Or will Tyrion find a way out of his cell?

2. Safe travels for Brienne and Podrick

Okay, I’ll be honest here. I’m not super invested in this plot. I don’t even understand WHY Brienne decides to go pick up Sansa if she thinks Sansa would be at her Aunt Lysa’s castle. Technically, wouldn’t that be a safer place than King’s Landing right now? You know, because everyone thinks Sansa has something to do with Joffrey’s death? But, I love Brienne, and Podrick is adorable, so I do hope they’re okay. Just a brief glimpse is all I’m asking.

3. Sansa taking matters into her own hands and planning her revenge

When Sansa appeared with darkened hair and her very Black Swan-esque dress, I was like, GET IT, GIRL. Finally, she is being at least somewhat pro-active, even if it’s because Littlefinger is slightly less menacing than Aunt Lysa’s cronies. I realize that her situation is a bit Stockholm Syndrome-y, but I think we can all agree Sansa is playing it smart. Plus, maybe with someone on her side, Sansa can take back Winterfell. Let’s make it happen, Sansa!

4. Jaime deciding he’s totally over Cersei

HA, we all know this probably won’t happen anytime soon (especially since the promo shows them kissing). These two are just too gross. I was starting to not hate Jaime nearly as much this season, but if he returns back to Cersei, then forget about it. He’ll go back to his old ways. You know, slaying kings and being a general d-bag. Or not, hey, Game of Thrones is anything but predictable.

5. More Margaery and Tommen bonding over Ser Pounce

Margaery is kind of messed up for flirting with a child. However, she understands that if she doesn’t swoop in quickly, she’ll miss out on another chance to be queen. Also, part of me wants to believe that Margaery has a good heart. Like, she wants power, but she won’t kill anyone for it (unlike her grandma), which leads me to my next hope.

6. Olenna Tyrell doing something wicked and amazing

Little did we know (well, now we sure do) that Lady Tyrell has been running the show in King’s Landing this season. Maybe she’ll say something snarky to Tywin, or perhaps she’ll speed things up between Cersei and Ser Loras. Whatever she does, I’m confident it will be thoroughly entertaining, darkly catty, and brilliant. I love you, Grandma Tyrell!

7. Daenerys and her dragons actually doing something

Please do not get me wrong here. Daenerys Targarye is one of my favorite characters on Game of Thrones, and her transformation from season one to now is spectacular. And I also understand from a political perspective why she wants to stay in Meereen. She’s right. She can’t possibly be a good ruler if she overtakes city after city, and allows them to crumble once she’s gone. But maybe we could have seen her actually doing things? Sure, she did a lot of yelling and commanding, righted some wrongs here and there, and she even let Daario get handsy with her. But that’s it, really. She didn’t even get that much screen-time. Her dragons weren’t even up to anything too nefarious, which was a letdown. Yeah, they ate a goat or two, but when they showed a dragon getting snappy with Dany in the beginning of the season, I assumed things were going to get REAL. between mama and teen dragons. Nope.

8. Jorah winning back Dany’s trust

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I was devastated when Dany banished Jorah. I know he kind of betrayed her, but that was so long ago! Clearly he’s on her side and he’s so in love with her that it’s painful. Plus, I just like Jorah, okay? He’s a GOOD guy who deserves a second chance.

9. Maybe finding out what Bran is up to.

A large section of the GoT promo is focused on Bran, so this leads me to think something will be said and done about that creepy and mystical weirwood tree they’re on the hunt for. Hopefully this goes smoothly, but Jojen’s crestfallen stumble into the snow doesn’t look good.

10. More Arya and Hound shenanigans

Oh, these two. I can’t tell if The Hound secretly loves Arya like a daughter, or deeply despises her. Arya just seems ambivalent at this point, since her entire family is dead (to her knowledge, Sansa may have been axed off by Joffrey a long time ago). In a big way, I am grateful for The Hound, because he’s helping protect Arya in ways that have definitely kept her alive. She’s a strong girl, but her sword fighting skills need to be polished up a bit, and she’s not exactly subtle about her attitude. With that said, The Hound is a major jerk, and you would think being bullied by his brother would have humbled him. I still have hope for a character transformation there!

11. Melisandre telling someone that the night is dark and full of terrors

I just love it when Melisandre gets all philosophical. Like that time she told Stannis’ daughter, “There is only one hell: the one we live in now.” Melisandre, you are crazy and dangerous, but I love your sinister outlook on life. Anytime someone dies, Melisandre basically takes credit for it, since she is, after all, tight with the gods. Since we know people are probably going to die (just a hunch) in the season finale, Melisandre will probably gain impetus to move forward with Stannis and his crew, right?

12. Greyworm and Missandei, anyone?

I’m shipping these two hard. It’s too bad most romances on GoT end miserably. Let’s hope these two at least get a kiss in before anything tragic happens!

Good luck, everyone. Make sure you have a snack and some tissues this Sunday, because it’s going to be a thrilling 66 minutes (that’s right! It’s going to be longer, too!). Remember to keep calm, and Valar Marghulis.

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