Laura Kadner
Updated Jun 02, 2014 @ 7:10 am

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance? I’m pretty sure it’s everybody’s dream to live their life as a musical and until the day comes when we can get it together and just coordinate that, I’ll have to live vicariously through television. I mean, if I can’t break into synchronized musical numbers whenever I have an emotional high or low, at least my favorite TV characters can do it for me. Here are some of the most amazing musical TV episodes:

Basically the mother of all musical episodes. The episode, “Once More with Feeling,” was written and directed by the amazing Joss Whedon— he even wrote all the musical numbers. The result was a musical spectacular that was not just entertaining for the sake of the gimmick and the subversion of that gimmick, but it wonderfully moved along the story and relationships in the series. Bravo!

2. Fringe

Another sci-fi musical mash up gone wild! This one was born as a hallucination from one of the main characters and didn’t feature original songs, but it gets bonus points for the stylish noir take on production.

3. Scrubs

I didn’t even watch this show, but I know and somehow have an mp3 of a couple of the songs from this iconic episode.


Never did a Daria fan think they would see Daria sing. Some fans weren’t super-thrilled about it, but I for one loved Daria and Jane’s unenthused singing stint.

5. Even Stevens

If you didn’t know we went to the moon in 1969, you did after this Even Stevens episode where things get very musical thanks to Ren’s fever dream.

The Simpsons is awesome at musical numbers. And, yes, while they’ve had wholly musical episodes here and there, I’m selecting my favorite musical number out of any show. Oh, won’t Dr. Zaius help us all!?

7. Community

If you’re gonna make a musical episode, you may as well make fun of the most musical show on TV, Glee. Community did a delightful job with their take on the genre. And SNL’s Taran Killam even joins in on the fun!

8. Xena

Another show I haven’t seen, but based upon clips from this crazy episode alone I’ve clearly been missing out. Xena didn’t come up with original music, but the performances are so enthusiastic I think the team gets a glorious singin ‘n’ dancin’ pass.’

9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Danny DeVito plays the role he was born to play.

10. Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t watch this series so I can’t speak to the episode, though it seems a bit strange for a medical drama to get the musical treatment. This musical surgery clip is just downright weird.

11. How I Met Your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong. Especially beltin’ it Broadway style.

12. That 70’s Show

A little awkward, but it’s nice the whole cast got into it — even a member of The Who!