Gina Vaynshteyn
April 06, 2014 8:00 am

What makes our hearts melt faster than a song by The Cure? Absolutely nothing (except maybe this ad by Honey Maid – it made me start sobbing yesterday), which is why I want to announce some exciting news concerning one of my favorite goth rock bands. Although there are no dates yet, The Cure plans to release a new album super soon. 4:14 Scream is going to be a continuation of 4:13 Dream, the album The Cure released six years ago. Scream and Dream were meant to be released as a whole, but that never happened. Also scheduled to release is 4:26 Dream, an album of old and new material, so expect a lot of The Cure in 2014. The whole thing sounds so… dreamy, I put together a list of all the ways you can run into The Cure’s best romantic moments in movies! You’re welcome.

11. Loser 

In one of Jason Biggs’ earlier roles (not as early as American Pie, though), he plays Paul Tannek, a nerdy dude in college on a scholarship trying to win over Dora Diamond, a total babe who is unfortunately dating her professor. Of course, it takes some persistence to prove to her that he’s The One. Also, maybe a little bit of “Mint Car” by The Cure.

10. The Vow 

Admittedly, The Vow isn’t one of my fave Rachel McAdams films. Like, I know Paige lost her memory and all, but she was a little too harsh on Leo, AKA Channing Tatum. If I woke up from a coma and saw Channing Tatum claiming to be my husband, I would be ALL over that. But that’s probably just me. We know everything is going to work out when Paige realizes she actually loves art, not law school, but when The Cure’s “Pictures of You” comes on, we know the deal is sealed.

9. 50 First Dates 

A cover of “Friday I’m in Love” plays when Henry tries to win over Lucy, who has brain damage and can’t make new memories due to a serious car accident.  Why didn’t Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler get married again?

8. Adventureland

Instead of taking an epic trip to Europe with his friends, James has to work at an amusement park so he can save up for grad school. Like most romcoms, there’s always an expected silver lining: a girl! James falls for his co-worker Bella, I mean Em, and tries all summer to get her to date him and not her older boyfriend, Mike. In one of the scenes, the two are playing bumper cars and “Just Like Heaven” comes on because young love is just like heaven, obviously.

7. The Rules of Attraction

There’s nothing more early 2000s than The Rules of Attraction (well, maybe Paul Frank, or Oops I Did It Again). Pretty much everyone was in this movie, like James Van Der Beek, Jessica Biel, and Ian Somerhalder. If you haven’t seen it or read the book, The Rules of Attraction is about the twisted lives of privileged private university students, and their stories open with The Cure’s “Six Different Ways” which infers to the six characters’ points of view.

6. Going the Distance

If Drew Barrymore wasn’t actually going to marry Adam Sandler, I wanted her to marry Justin Long, but that didn’t happen either! Ugh. But “Just Like Heaven” plays in Going the Distance and it’s perfect, and everything works out because it’s a movie.

5. He’s Just Not That Into You

Possibly my favorite romcom of all time, He’s Just Not That Into You is about all those stupid “rules” you have “follow” when you’re interested in someone and how they pretty much fly out the window when you meet THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. “Friday I’m in Love” is He’s Just Not That Into You’s main theme song, so if you want something stuck in your head forever, here it is.

4. Marie Antoinette 

When I went to go see Marie Antoinette in high school, I called it a “film” and described it as “transcendental” to all my friends after discovering what that word meant from the Internet. Essentially, Marie Antoinette is about Marie Antoinette but it’s also about nothing. Oh, and consumerism, and corruption. But, whatever, it’s gorgeous, and the soundtrack is amazing (it exists, along with Oops I Did it Again, in my pile of dusty CDs at my parent’s house). “All Cats Are Grey” is in it, but “Plainsong” plays when Louis XVI is crowned and says, “dear God, guide us and protect us; we are too young to reign.” Yes, yes you were.

3. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist 

“Boys Don’t Cry” is Nick’s ringtone, and it plays when Norah has his phone and Nick calls it from a payphone because he’s sorry for totally blowing it. This is super ironic because earlier, Nick and Norah have a conversation about The Cure. Norah criticizes their name and insists they should be called The Cause (I’m gonna agree with her on that one).

2. Grosse Point Blank 

Grosse Point Blank is only the best 90s movie ever (okay, AND Clueless, AND Titanic AND Pulp Fiction), which contains almost every single important song that was out by 1997, including “In Between Days” which I’m pretty sure is introduced by Debi (where are you these days, Minnie Driver?), who plays Martin’s adorable long-time love DJ.

 1. The Wedding Singer 

The Wedding Singer is about a wedding singer who gets stood up at the alter by his girlfriend Linda (why were all the girlfriends in 80s and 90s movies named Linda or Debbie?). He turns depresso, but meets Julia and falls in love with her, except she’s engaged to a douche bag, but of course nothing can stand in the way of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler (not even amnesia!). “Boys Don’t Cry” plays right after Linda dumps Robbie, but he has no idea that Julia’s about to rock his world.  One of the best movies, hands down.

Have I totally cured your need for The Cure? Are there any movie moments that I missed?

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