HelloGiggles appointed me the noble task of combing the Internet for the most absurd, the most failarific, the most ‘busted’, school projects for a slideshow.

Do you remember high school projects? Middle School? Elementary? When your teacher would claim to be grading you on the quality of your information and intelligence, but would really be grading you on your glue stick aptitude? It stank.

In retrospect, the ability to make a pretty tri-fold board never really became helpful in ‘real life,’ as much as, say, learning how to balance a checkbook or be careful with debt management would’ve been.

My school projects were always terrible because I never respected the whole concept of making your information look pretty, valuing the quality of the information instead, but my projects were never as bad as the ones in this here slide show. I have a strong feeling that some of these science fair projects are fake, but whatever science is probably fake anyway, evolution’s just a theory, right? Check out this slideshow and have a laugh.