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Updated Mar 16, 2014 @ 8:15 am

As a half-Irish person with the last name Donovan, one might expect me to love all-things St. Patrick’s Day. I’m actually not a huge fan of the holiday, as drinking heavily isn’t so fun when you’re a cranky 25-year-old, but there are many other ways to honor March 17.

Whether you plan to wear green and waltz all over town inebriated or have a quiet night at home with a few friends, you can watch many great St. Patrick’s Day-themed shows and movies to get in the right mood. Here are some TV series episodes and films to consider watching on Monday night.

10. Titanic

Like anyone ever needs an excuse to watch Titanic (seriously, Netflix, how could you take this away from me?). Remember that lively scene in which Jack and Rose get their groove on at an Irish dance party in third class? It’s one of the few cheerful parts of the movie, sure, but Leo dancing is all the inspiration a girl could ever want.

9. Luck of the Irish

Don’t lie. You so remember this Disney Channel original movie … and the pretty boy in it who went on to appear in Pretty Little Liars. He’s not quite Chris Evans, but he makes one amazing half-leprechaun.

8. The Departed

It’s darker than, say, a Disney Channel original movie about a kid transforming into a leprechaun, but there’s nothing like good old Irish Bostonians to get you psyched for St. Paddy’s. Oh yeah, Leo is in this one too.

7. Epic

Epic is probably one of my favorite children’s films of recent years. The main character is a redheaded girl whose father happens to be a ginger as well, and Irishman Colin Farrell voices the role of Ronin. There’s so much to love about this movie, which you should definitely see after St. Paddy’s Day if you don’t get around to it by Monday.

6. Leap Year

Amy Adams, Ireland, tall dark and handsome Irish fellow. Enough said!

You know you miss the show … and Irishman Alec Baldwin before he up and left the public eye.

4. P.S. I Love You

It’s not one of the best films around, and it will make you cry, but Gerard Butler embodies the big heart and passion of a true Irish guy in this 2007 drama. Hilary Swank isn’t so bad either.

3. Philomena

A lot of the Irish movies listed are seriously depressing, and I didn’t even include Angela’s Ashes! Philomena is no exception, but it’s an interesting story with heart and truth. This Oscar-nominated film tells the story of an old Irish woman as she tries to learn more about her long lost son, whom she was forced to give up early in life as he was born out of wedlock. There isn’t much of a happy ending here, but Judi Dench’s performance is wonderful as always and Philomena gets a small glimpse into the life of the boy that got away.

2. Gangs Of New York

Three Leo flicks in a single listicle. Man, that guy is a force of nature. Too bad the Academy hasn’t figured this out yet. Maybe just one more project with an Irish feel will land him a prestigious golden statue once and for all.

1. Boondock Saints

The MacManus brothers show just how tough Irish folks can be in this ’90s classic. It’s no happy film, but the Irish don’t exactly have a happy history. That’s why there’s St. Paddy’s Day!

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