Game show contestants have to go through a ton of tests before making their way to the podium. There’s a lot of skill, time, travel and strategy involved in preparing for that singular on-air make-or-break guess. And if it’s a bad guess, survey says it’s going to go viral. It’s equally soul-crushing and hilarious to watch. But don’t forget, that poor contestant still manages to walk away with a little bit of cash after the experience. So everyone wins! Here are a few of the most memorable fails in game show history.

1. Frogs and Alligators on Family Feud

This might be the most classic Fast Money round of Family Feud in the show’s history. Thankfully, the audience seems to be having a great time, and the Bob’s probably learned a lot about summer storms after all was said and done.

2. Final Answer Regret on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Maybe it’s his insomnia, or maybe it’s all just nerves. Chase seemed super secure with saying that surge protectors help homeowners with water problems until a few seconds after he confidently called it as his final answer. The worst part ever? It was his first question.

3. The Three-Time Wheel of Fortune Fail

Poor guy. He has the spirit, but he just can’t win next to the girl from Texas A&M. I felt bad when he couldn’t pronounce a word on the puzzle (we’ve all been there), but what’s a dicespin? What I love is the little look he gives after Texas wins each match. It’s not humiliation, but there’s a definite “aw, shucks” factor that’s pretty endearing.

4. The Family Feud Overshare

I think I’ve mentioned my love for Steve Harvey before. He is absolutely hilarious, and his reactions? Priceless. Watch as he runs out the clock when Secily gets anatomically correct. (“The medical term is almost worse!”) The best part about it? She’s totally cool, confident, and quick on her feet after realizing her mistake. You go, Secily.

5. “Spider-Woman” on Wheel of Fortune

These two seem like a smart pair, but one trip up of words leads to a major near-loss. While Spider-Woman does exist (she had her own animated series in 1979!) she wasn’t necessarily present during this episode.

6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gets His Own Question Wrong on Jeopardy

I love Alex’s response to this one, especially since Alex has seen absolutely everything go down on his show. At least Kareem still has control of the board.

7. “Flith” on Lingo

This is totally something that I’d do under pressure. It’s a shame, too, since they totally conquered the toughest hurdle on the show. My heart goes out to them!

8. Beer Math on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It’s okay, Chase. You’re not the only person to bomb the first question. Nikki’s nervous energy caused her to flake at this pretty simple math problem. if I were in her position, I’d probably be asking Meredith Vieira if I could borrow a pen and paper.

9. Kelly Pickler on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Oof. Kelly Pickler is talented in many ways, but she didn’t come off well on this episode of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Sure, we might not all be skilled in geography, but Kelly didn’t realize that France and Hungary were countries. And it’s not a slip up based on nerves, especially since she’s used to the spotlight. At least she made the kids look good.

10. The Price Is Right Cheater

Listen, buddy. You mess with Bob Barker, and you mess with America. While the price of the piano was pretty obvious, this guy decides to use his moment of fame in the worst way possible.

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