Laura Kadner
Updated Jul 14, 2014 @ 2:08 pm

Sometimes the acting in a dramatic TV show is so fantastic, you forget it’s just acting. You imagine the actors fully commit to their serious roles, brooding and simmering in melancholia as they go about their daily lives. What could Bryan Cranston possibly have to be happy about after a day of playing Walter White? How can Olivia Pope possibly have any silliness left in her after dealing with all that Washington drama? You’d be surprised what a little line-flubbing will do to your favorite straight-faced actors. Behold, the blooper reels!

Finally, the Breaking Bad blooper reel we’ve been waiting for. Walt and Jesse goof off, forgetting lines left and right.

Nothing more delightful than the cutest non-coupled couple in TV history making the supernatural seem fun!

3. Scandal

Olivia and her gladiators aren’t always running at threat-level-midnight highs of dramatics. Sometimes they’re just being stupid goofballs and we love it.

This is a side of the White House we don’t get to see enough of (ahem, Aaron Sorkin).

5. Grey’s Anatomy

And just because you’re saving lives doesn’t mean you don’t also get to be super ridiculous!

6. Suits

Bloopin‘ it up has never been classier!

It’s amazing that Emily can multi-task getting revenge with flubbin‘ lines with her castmates.

8. Firefly

Cancelled too soon—just think of all the bloops that could’ve been!

9. Hannibal

Cannibalism has never been so funny.

10. Battlestar Galactica

Gag reels make it all the way to outer space with this hysterical BSG bunch o’ bloops!

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