#ThrowbackThursday, #TransformationTuesday, #FollowFriday. These are the hashtags Twitter users have come to depend on, but there’s plenty of room for more themed tweeting. Next time you’re drawing a 140 character blank, try throwing in one of these hashtags. You could end up being a Twitter trendsetter.

1. #SlothSaturdays

Because every selfie can be improved with the addition of a sloth. And you shouldn’t rule out a sloth-themed haiku if that’s more your thing.

2. #TofuTuesdays

For sharing links to vegetarian recipes, photos of your latest meatless feast, or a soundbite from your Beets cover band.

3. #WiFi-lessWednesdays

Share a time you went through a WiFi dead zone. How did you deal without the internet?

4. #MakeUpMondays

While this one could be another vehicle for straight up makeover pics, it could also be an opportunity for more big picture make ups. Make up that 10th birthday party that didn’t go so well. Make up with a bestie. Make up your bombed history exam, even if it’s just for your own self-education.

5. #FreakoutFridays

What’s stressing you out? The future, the past, the fact that everyday there’s a new ’90s list to make you feel old? Let it all out in a tweet and feel comfort in the fact your followers are filled with stress too.

6. #SundaeSundays

Because what’s better than ice cream? Ice cream and wordplay. Get fancy with your ice cream tweets. Tweet dream ice cream flavors and sing the praises of your favorite local ice cream shop.

7. #ThoroughThursdays

Let your detail-oriented side shine through, whether that means pictures of your Pinterest-level closet organization or proof of your extremely extensive Pretty Little Liars knowledge. Because remember, you’re not obsessive, you’re detail-oriented.

8. #MissingMondays

A time for lost and found notices. Has anyone seen that lipgloss you lost last week at the party? Anyone missing a one-eyed cat?

9. #WelcomeWednesdays

A weekly celebration of your new followers. Offer greetings, share a little about yourself, let them really get an idea of what they’re going to be in for.

10. #FrankFridays

It’s time for the truth to come out. Share how you really feel about that new cat video everyone’s been raving about or the new Instagram filters. Sure you might loose a few followers, but you’ll be left with the ones that really get where you’re coming from.

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