The bitches are back, y’all!! If you weren’t tuning into The Real Housewives of New Jersey last weekend, it better have been your cousin’s bat mitzvah because it. was. UNREAL.

I love anything Real Housewives, but NJ is one of my faves because it is so real and true. I’m not kidding. I’m Italian and I think this show stole scenes from my real life. The families are loud and crazy and holding grudges against the men for marrying a stripper. Feels like home, you know?

As much as I love watching reruns of the Real Housewives (they’re always on), nothing makes me more excited than brand new episodes. I mean I know it will end in the most ridiculously loud (and possibly violent) reunion, but I am still so down for the ride.

What’s better than the drama of Real Housewives? The live tweets, of course! So keep them coming and I hope you enjoy the 10 I picked this week.

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