One incredible viral review saved an elderly man’s business and we’re not crying, you are

Social media often gets a bad rep. But today we can all join together in celebrating the good that social media is able to accomplish once someone puts their mind to it. One hungover man’s post has gone viral and helped kickstart a renaissance for a failing business. Is that not the perfect plot to a Hollywood indie darling?


Colin Ross, 31, was walking around his hometown of Lethbridge, Canada in search of some greasy food to cure his hangover. He stumbled across a great looking place called Whitbie’s Fish & Chips. Once he was inside he noticed that it was basically empty and the man running it — 69 year-old John McMillan couldn’t even afford to pay himself at the end of the night. Basically, his business was not doing well.

Colin ordered a pretty solid meal and decided to do a little good.  

He posted a review of the place and encouraged his Facebook followers to check out the restaurant and help John out.

See what a little good can do when you put your mind to it!

John says that his business is booming thanks to that post and the demand is so high that people are waiting close to an hour for dinner.