A review of baby’s first moisturizer, Tatcha’s “The Water Cream”

Hello, fellow adults. It is I, a grown woman who has never used a moisturizer. I’m sure you want answers, and don’t worry — I have several excuses. I’ve never wanted to put anything with the word “moist” in it on my already-oily skin. A dermatologist also told me that in order to keep my sensitive skin complacent, I had to use as few products as possible, and I just never got around to finding a moisturizer that made the cut. (Okay, there are only two. I only have two excuses, and they’re not very good.)

I would be lying to myself, and to you, if I said that my stubbornness didn’t play a role. Though I am terrible at skin care, I am good at surrounding myself with people who mean well. These people often tell me to “moisturize my skin” because “it will help keep it healthy and balanced.” Haha, yeah, okay. Sure, guys. Sure.

They were right.

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a review of Tatcha’s “The Water Cream,” which said that this elixir of ingredients is perfect for sensitive skin (and cruelty-free!). I then asked one of my local Tatcha experts, HelloGiggles Editorial Director Gina Vaynshteyn, and she added her praise. Because she also saw this as a cry for help (and hydration), Gina kindly requested the cream so that I could try it myself.

That’s right, this is baby’s first moisturizer. 


If I were to put a description of myself — a tired woman who is always like, “I should write this down,” and then doesn’t write it down — next to a description of this moisturizer, The Water Cream would most-definitely sell for more at auction. Its description:

"An oil-free, anti-aging water cream that releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanicals, and optimal hydration for poreless-looking skin."

Oh. And there’s this:


It contains gold, casually.

Now, would I say it’s worth it? Would I purchase Tatcha’s The Water Cream on my own?

Well, the proof is in the selfie:


By no means is my skin perfect, but it has been looking so much healthier as of late. Since I started using Tatcha’s cream, my skin has been feeling more balanced. Instead of waking up looking like I need to visit a mortician, I wake up with a lil baby glow. Since I put the cream on before going to bed, I drift off feeling like my skin has just been dipped in a fresh mountain spring, one that feeds the Fountain of Youth or something.

Alright, enough playing games. I just love this cream, I love how it makes me feel. Tatcha’s The Water Cream makes me want to be a better woman.

You can buy it for $68 here, and it comes with a little gold spoon that looks like it was made for a mouse princess.

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