Reverse winged liner is the newest makeup trend you’ll be tripping over

Between braided eyebrows and squiggle brows, we nearly missed the latest (and greatest) eye makeup trend to crop up on Instagram: reverse winged liner. This flip-flopped, mirror image makeup trend looks like a seemingly simple cat-eye at first glance, until you realize which way the wing is pointing. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s fresh, and it may just be the most fantastic Instagram makeup trend we’ve seen all year.

The best part about the reversed winged liner, of course, is that you *probably* already know how to create one. Considering that a winged tip is most women’s go-to style of choice, there are more than a few quick hacks for learning to draw one on yourself, in case you’re a little rusty.

According to some of the Instagram tags, it looks like the makeup artist Dahlia Creates started the new eye makeup trend.

Now that’s a statement-making look.

Boring, this trend is not. And we love that it’s already an eyeliner trick we’re familiar with in reverse. While we’ve yet to see reverse winged liner painted on model’s faces at New York Fashion Week (which is happening right this second, FYI), we’re willing to bet that it will pop up on at least a few runways as fashion month continues.

C’mon, you know you’re dying to give this trend a try.

Whether or not you love it or loathe it, you have to admit that this is the perfect opportunity to play around with some daring makeup. It may not be your go-to look, but hey, it’s ~hella~ cool and on-trend. Try it for the ‘gram.

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