Fake Mansions, a $100 Million Pay Day, and More Crazy Revelations About Harry & Meghan’s Netflix Doc

I'm sorry, Prince Harry had a finsta?! What the Netflix docuseries is uncovering about the royals now.

Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry reveals he found Meghan Markle via his private finsta account. You read that right: Prince Harry had a FINSTA.

Volume one of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan docuseries, which dropped on Dec. 8, is filled with juicy tidbits about the early beginnings of the couple’s secretive romance, including Harry’s fake Instagram account, which Meghan claims is “the best barometer” to getting to know a potential partner as opposed to Googling them.

“Let me see what they’re about in their feed, not what someone else says about them,” Meghan explained. The Suits star added that she took note of Harry’s food and travel interests, but it was his wildlife photography from a trip to Africa that sealed the deal.

Viewers also got behind-the-scenes photos from their days of sneaking around London to direct intel of how senior members of the royal family operate behind closed doors. Apparently, the royals aren’t huggers. Who would have thunk?

Oh, and the first time Meghan met Prince William and Kate Middleton she was barefoot in jeans, which I just have so many questions about.

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It was also shocking to learn that their first overnight — let alone their first kiss — happened when Meghan accompanied Harry on a trip to Botswana. The five-day trip was about one month into their long-distance relationship.

They had only met twice prior, filling the days in-between with FaceTime calls.

Harry & Meghan volume one is very much a testament to the foundation of the couple’s love story. It’s blatantly obvious Meghan entered this relationship totally blind (even she admits she was a little naive about what she was getting herself into).

While Harry and Meghan have thrown a lot of new information at us, even more revelations – crazier than Harry having a finsta — have come out since the docuseries’ premiere.

For starters, Netflix and by that accord, Harry and Meghan, too, have been accused of using fake press photos in the volume one trailer. Several insiders pointed out that the stock press photos used to depict what Harry describes as a “feeding frenzy” were taken at non-royal events like the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part Two premiere.

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Many are also shaking their heads at how big of a paycheck Netflix forked over for the docuseries. It’s rumored that the couple made anywhere from $100 to $150 million. Albeit, Forbes reported that Harry & Meghan is just one project under the couple’s five-year contract with Netflix.

As of September 2020, the Duke and Duchess agreed to “to produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming” for the price tag of $100 million, per the outlet.

TMZ is also saying that Harry and Meghan’s confessions were not filmed at their Montecito property, but a neighboring estate. The 13,599 sq. feet property is listed for twice as much as what the Duke and Duchess paid for their home down the road. A security precaution or an attempt to look grandeur?

The final three episodes of Harry & Meghan, which is expected to cover the more grueling moments of their time in the UK, hits Netflix on Thursday, Dec. 15.

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