How reusable menstrual supplies could make you feel way better about having your period

We’ve been hearing a LOT lately about this brave new world of reusable menstrual supplies. Our HelloGiggles writers have tried everything from period underwear (success!) to menstrual cups. There are a ton of reusable feminine products on the market right now, and in addition to making that time of the month way easier for people with periods.

And, as Diandra Kalish, founder of UnTabooed (a nonprofit dedicated to educating women about reusable menstrual products) believes that the reusable revolution is going to destigmatize all things periods.

“UnTabooed believes that breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation, and giving women access to reusable feminine hygiene products will help them feel empowered,” Kalish told MTV News. “If you use reusables you are removing the ’ick’ factor associated with periods. You are much more in tune with your body and your flow. You are not just disposing of it, which is why it is considered gross in the first place. You will feel awesome knowing you are helping yourself, the environment, and your wallet!”

And as Kalish sees it, reusables are going to do great things for the women of this world, particularly the women who are in most need of aid.

“People rarely think to donate feminine hygiene products because shelters often don’t explicitly ask for them. This is because of the taboo surrounding the topic,” Kalish said. “Lack of access to feminine hygiene products is a huge issue worldwide. Many developing nations have started to tackle the issue by using reusable feminine hygiene products to solve the issue, but no one has brought that solution back to the USA where the same issues are prevalent.”

Reusable menstrual products really seem like the way of the future, and we’re so excited to see how these awesome new inventions help all people with periods.

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