All the returning and new TV shows to get excited about for 2016

One of our good friends, Television, knows that the middle of December to the middle of January can be kind of a crazy time. Television knows that we’ve got holiday parties to attend and families to see, so for a solid month it stops airing brand new episodes, because choosing between family and Television is sometimes HARD. It takes that difficult choice away from us, so we actually get dressed and go outside and see other human people. Thanks for caring, Television.

OK, but now as the holidays wind down, it’s time to start thinking about Television again, because we’ve missed it oh so much. And lots of shows start up again in January, whether they’re returning or brand new, so get excited. And also start clearing off weeknights again, because there’s lots you need to stay in and see.

Sherlock, January 1st

It might not be an entire three-episode season of Sherlock, but we’ll take whatever Sherlock we can get. For this one stand-alone Sherlock special, our boys will find themselves back in Victorian-era England, trying to solve a mystery, of course. A mystery involving GHOSTS. The episode is called, “The Abominable Bride.”

Downton Abbey, January 3rd

Grab a tissue box, or six, because this is Downton Abbey’s final season. Will Edith FINALLY find her path in life/love? Will Mary have to fend off five or six more marriage proposals? Can Carson deal with the changing times? Will Barrow ever stop being a jerk? Can Anna and Mr. Bates stay out of trouble? We’ll find out, all this and more, during Season 6.

New Girl, January 5th 

Remember when Schmidt proposed to CeCe completely out of the blue at the end of last season? That’s still a thing, and it’s still super-sweet and hilarious. Jess then finds herself sequestered on jury duty (aka, maternity leave for Zooey Deschanel), a brand new new girl moves into the loft, in the form of Megan Fox. We’re laughing already.

Younger, January 13th 

Delightful Hilary Duff + delightful Sutton Foster + Sex and the City creator Darren Star  + amazing female friendship = TV Land’s best new show. Binge-watch the first season so you’re caught up for the second.

Angie Tribeca, January 17th

Angie Tribeca comes from Nancy and Steve Carell. The previews for it show a dog driving a police car, and a million funny faces show up in it. Rashida Jones stars as Angie.  This is at the top of my to-watch list.

Agent Carter, January 19th 

Are you looking for  another strong, kickbutt female in your life? Agent Peggy “I know my value” Carter returns for a second season, and this time, she’s taking the action to LA.

American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, February 2nd 

Have you seen the cast for this show? The cast is amazing. The cast is phenomenal. Ryan Murphy knows how to gather the best people together to tell the real-life story of the OJ Simpson trial. Seriously, have you seen the cast?? Give all of them Emmys right now.

11.22.63, February 15th 

Based on the book with the same name, 11.22.63 tells the story of a time traveler who tries to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. James Franco stars. J.J. Abrams is producing. There will be eight episodes on Hulu, and all of this is a recipe for success.

Broad City, February 17th 

Hillary Clinton shows up. ’nuff said.

Fuller House, February 26th 

Remember that time we wished, hoped, and prayed for more Full House? That binge-able dream came true.

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