The most famous bikini on the planet is up for sale, any takers?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you 100 percent remember Princess Leia’s bikini (worn by Carrie Fisher) in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. Well guess what? Now you can own it, for lots and lots of dollars. Profiles in History is auctioning off the famous “Slave Leia” bikini costume on — the self-titled “world’s premier auction” site —and they’re expecting it to sell for anywhere between $80,000 to $120,000. Totally affordable for the average Star Wars fan, right?

The auction begins on October 1, and according to Profiles in History, the costume, which was one a few versions worn on-set, is made of “flexible, gold-painted red dense-urethane rubber.”  The description of the bikini goes on to say, “these original flexible pieces were used on set before being returned to the ILM model shop and replaced by altered versions, since several elements had to be resized due to Carrie Fisher’s weight loss during shooting.”

Whomever buys the item will get more than just the bikini. “Also included are several design and paint studies representing the evolution of these costume elements, for instance the front and back bikini plates, as well as the hair piece on the mannequin,” describes Profiles in History. “Completing the ensemble are a collection of original documents, photos, notes and pencil drawings as well as Carrie Fisher’s measurements used to create the masters. The collection comes with a letter of authenticity by Richard Miller the original designer, sculptor, mold maker and painter for the costume and a 30-year veteran of Industrial Light and Magic.”

Sure, it’s pricey. But you’d be buying a piece of history! Granted a really skimpy piece that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but still — a piece.

Leia’s bikini isn’t the only piece of Star Wars nostalgia up for grabs—it’s one of more than 50  items available at the auction, which include one of Darth Vader’s masks.

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