Retta and Seth Meyers did some day drinking, and we wish we could have joined

We’re going through such Parks & Recreation withdrawal, so Retta’s appearance on Late Night last night was truly incredible. Retta and Seth Meyers drank champagne and shots during the very beginning of their interview, and cheered towards a “happy and horny 2017.”

And then they moved to the heavier stuff — the mixed drinks. In fact, Meyers had an idea that made the interview much more interesting.

"We will give each other shows we love, and the other person will make a drink based on that show," Meyers said, likely a little tipsy.

And thus, an unforgettable moment was born. The girl we know best as Donna Meagle started out by making “The Walking Dead.” Watch below and see what it consists of.

Oh yes — rum, bourbon, tequila (or, te-killya, per Retta) and both red and white wine. You might not want to try this at home.

"I made you a zombie," Retta said. "Because after you drink this, you're going to die."

Of course, that’s all only the start of this amazing segment. As expected, Retta and Meyers definitely have such amazing chemistry. And Meyers — well, he knows how to chug a drink.

The two end up teaching us how to make Big Bang Theory-related drinks, and a drink called”The White Walker,” inspired by Game of Thrones. But, that’s not the only television-related drunken antics they get into — they also create theme songs to shows like This Is Us and Black Mirror.

We wish we could have been there with them. It looks like Retta even had a blast off camera.

Need more Retta in your life? Of course you do. You can catch her in Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, which currently started its third season this month.

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