These amazing retro-style posters make doctors look like superheroes

When you picture a doctor, what do you see? Do you see McDreamy or McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy? Do you envision someone in a long, white coat and scrubs? Or do you picture a comic book-style hero wearing a cape?

While we all know that doctors ARE in fact superheroes no matter what they look like (or you envision), these amazing retro-style doctor posters really pack in the superhero punch!

A new poster series by the Center for Infectious Disease Researchwhich are done in a “World War II health-propaganda and cold war era-science fiction” style, aim to remind us that doctors ARE fighting the good fight against all things harmful to our bodies.

The name of the super-cool series is Human vs. Pathogen, which to us, sounds like the next great comic book, right? An entry on the CID’s blog post explains the new approach to spreading awareness about health and diseases: “We are scientists. That’s to say, this kind of art-driven project is entirely new for us. At the most basic level, we hope to capture a few imaginations, pique curiosity, and ultimately encourage more people to be advocates for infectious disease science, in every medium.”

Check out the posters below!





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