Retro Bath and Body Works scents are back for a redux

Remember those long afternoons in middle school when you and your tween friends would flock to Bath & Body Works, spending hours spritzing yourself with the latest overpowering scents like Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze?

No? Just us? If scents like Pearberry and Plumeria sound like strange fruits that you never knew existed, worry not – the brand is bringing back this essential ’90s and  ’00s scents for a whole new generation to enjoy, Racked reports. Soon you can be smelling like it’s 1999. Just add some Lip Smackers to the mix and voila: Total throwback beauty look. We’re so in.

According to the site, Bath & Body Works is bringing back six scents total (also included: Country Apple, Pearberry and White Tea Ginger) for the moth of June. It’s part of #FlashbackFragrance, the company’s new campaign that takes its cues from social media.

For die-hard fans of the saccharine scents, this is great news: No more bidding $25 on eBay for a half-used bottle of Plumeria body spray! And, the company says, the bottles will be getting a design overhaul for this decade.

And it’s not just body spray that B&BW is bringing back from June 8 until July 5. You can also score shower gels, lotions and body cream.

The 14-year-old girl inside of me is secretly ecstatic. The 20-something wonders how smart it is to be investing a lot of time in smelling like a cucumber melon. Who can say? The struggle is real.