Resurrecting the BFF Necklace For Grown Ups

Her name was Stacy. She was my third grade best friend, the Cherie to my Punky Brewster, and I was certain nothing could ever tear us apart. About a week after determining our BFF status, we decided to cement our life long sisterhood with a trip to Claire’s at the local mall to buy “Best Friends” necklaces.

It was a first for both of us.

We chose a silver necklace with a broken metallic-y blue heart and took it to the cashier. Each of us produced $3.50 from our Velcro wallets for the two-in-one jewelry set. Stacy decided that since I had hatched the idea of getting BFF necklaces that she should be able to choose which piece she preferred. It sounded logical at the time. Naturally, she chose the “BE FRIE” portion of the heart and handed me the less desirable “ST NDS” piece.

For three whole months, we rocked those necklaces everywhere we went: the lunchroom, the playground and the school bus (we were only 9; our options were limited). Eventually though, Stacey met Marisa. Apparently, I was no longer BFF material, so my half of the necklace was permanently relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box.

While it didn’t work for Stacy and me, that doesn’t mean I abandoned the notion of token jewelry altogether. In fact, it appears that like overalls and crop tops, “BFF” jewelry is making a serious comeback! In the last 12 months, I’ve been the lucky recipient of not one but two best friends bracelets. #Blessed.

If you’re hoping to recapture your youth by shouting your BFF status from the rooftop, then look no further. Here are five of the best adult-appropriate ways of saying: “People really like me!”

5) Kate Spade’s “Bridesmaids Idiom Bangle” is a chic twist on the childhood tradition with script engraved phrases like “birds of a feather,” “two of a kind” and “peas in a pod.” It also says (sans the engraving), “I’m both super professional and a really good friend.”

(, $58)

4) Are you and your BFF like a living episode of Orange is the New Black? Ok, so maybe you haven’t actually done any hard time, but you’ve definitely had enough close calls to earn the moniker, “Partners in Crime.” If so, then these sterling silver handcuff bracelets by LeBijouxBee are for you two troublemakers.

(, $87.75)

3) Perhaps you prefer a more subtle proclamation of your forever friendship? Well then these dainty gold-dipped infinity charms from Dogeared are the perfect reminder of your bestie!

(, $118)

2) If your BFF status has reached that coveted Katy Perry / Rihanna level of coolness (and not many girlfriends can claim that), then you deserve Monserat De Lucca’s “Skull & Brain Friendship Necklace Set.” Nothing says “badass rocker chick” and “ friend” like carrying gold-plated brains around your neck.

(, $137)

1) If you’re not afraid to spend some serious cabbage on this stunning friendship necklace from Jennifer Meyer, then there is no shame in touting an 18 karat gold BFF plaque across right across your décolletage (regardless of your age). You go with your fancy self, girl!

(, $550)

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