Turns out that you can get the most impressive resumé by asking Google to autocomplete it

Everyone knows what an absolute pain it is to write or re-vamp a resumé. It’s one of the least desirable things to do. Yet, it’s completely necessary if you want to apply for jobs and eventually bring home the bacon! So, what’s a person to do? Google “how to write a resumé”?

Author Aaron Gillies, the man behind the “Reasons My Wife is Crying” list that went viral in 2015, devised an ingenious way of completing his resumé, and it involved hardly any effort on his part. How did he pull it off? He gave the autocomplete feature on Google a crack at filling in the blanks. (You know, that awesome/sometimes annoying predictive search function?) Technically, Google Autocomplete filled out Aaron’s resumé for him. And it’s a pretty impressive resumé.

This resumé is pure creative genius.

It explodes with interesting tidbits and nonsensical goodness. We love that under the category “professional experience,” Google autocomplete filled in “I once saw an elephant but I am the chosen one.” Who wouldn’t want to hire “the chosen one”? Also, we’re digging the fact that under “sex,” Google has filled in “i identify as a wolf.” We didn’t realize that was a “sex,” but it kind of makes sense. And hey, to each their own!

Of course, the internet has run away with this idea.

We expect no less from the Twitter-verse (even on a Fourth of July weekend). Woo-hoo!

They especially respect the fact that Aaron “trained in gorilla warfare and can prove it mathematically.” And we do, too!


Aww, Google Autocomplete, you’re kinda poetic. Will you fill out my dating profile for me?

Aaron even inspired another Twitter user to test Google Autocomplete.

The results are equally awesome.

Next time you are stuck with the unenviable task of rebooting the ole resumé, do what Aaron and other inventive souls have done. Kick off your shoes, relax a little, and let Google take over your CV. Even if it’s absolute gibberish, it’ll give you a good tickle.

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