Handsome man Jon Hamm just did the photobomb to end all photobombs

The U.S. Open is currently happening in New York (and this is TENNIS, in case you’re not up on your sporting events). A lot of our favorite celebrities have taken to the stands to check out the games matches, which means that they’re going to mix, mingle, and snag selfies with one another.

So it’s no surprise that when Jason Biggs found himself seated in front of Jon Hamm, he had to capture the moment for prosperity. Unfortunately, he probably wasn’t expecting Handsome man Jon Hamm to make this kind of, uh, handsome face.

Oh but wait, that’s not the end of the photobomb story. Hamm then went on to make other just as wonderful faces.


It’s obvious that even Hamm doesn’t like Larry.


What kind of emotions IS this?


Actually, not even posing for pictures Hamm is making some pretty glorious faces.


Why yes, that is Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, and Justin Bartha surrounding Hamm (with Biggs down in the front).

This is basically a Renaissance painting.


This is just Resting Hamm Face.


Glad to see that Hamm is enjoying his time at the match (and we’re certainly enjoying seeing him enjoy the match).