This restaurant will pay for your meal if you’re by yourself on Thanksgiving

We all know Thanksgiving is about more than just gorging on pie and breaking out your favorite stretchy pants. It’s a time to give thanks and spend time with your family. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that some people just don’t have that opportunity, and it’s tough to roll solo during the holiday season. However, there’s a Michigan restaurant owner willing to make you an honorary member of his family if you’re alone on Thanksgiving.

That’s right. A Reddit user posted the above sign on the window of George’s Senate Coney Island Restaurant, located in Northville, MI, which has quickly melted hearts all over the Interwebz.

The sign reads: “George’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner. If anyone is home alone, come eat with us for free! All day. Thursday, November 26th.”  Since posting the image to Imgur, the photo of the sign has almost 3 millions views, and over 200 comments.

A local Michigan news affiliate interviewed the restaurant’s owner, George Dimopoulos, about his tradition. “It makes my heart feel good to do it and help a little bit.” According to WILX-TV, Dimopoulos came from a large family in Greece who couldn’t afford to send him to school when he was younger. He left home age 12 and spent some time homeless, relying on the kindness of others for meals. He emigrated to America in 1969, eventually opening his own restaurant. He’s been hosting this free Thankgiviging meal at his restaurant for a decade as a way to pay it forward.

Insert all the feels here.

(Image via Imgur)