Restaurant workers share the worst mistakes they’ve ever made on the job, and you’ll never want to dine out again

Even if you’ve never worked in a restaurant, you can probably understand that mistakes happen, like with any job. Orders are going to be wrong sometimes. Drinks are going to get spilled. But we had no idea that it could be this bad. Former and current servers are sharing the worst restaurant mistakes they’ve made on the job, and after reading through a few of them… well, let’s just say we’re a little horrified at the idea of ever dining out again.

It all started when CollegeHumor writer Siobhan Thompson asked her followers to tweet their biggest work-related mishaps if they’d ever worked in the restaurant industry, and oh boy, did she get some answers. The tweet was posted Thursday, and less than 24 hours later it had already garnered over 100 responses, most of them hilariously unsettling.

The restaurant mistakes shared include a few little oopsies that could happen to anyone, like breaking a wine glass — the kind of stuff that any customer could forgive if they have a human bone in their body.

But then, there’s the big stuff that we really hope never happens to us when we’re grabbing dinner out… the kind of restaurant mistakes that make us cringe in sympathy for the poor server who had to be in that position.

Ready? Here we go.

This person who created a balsalmic vinegar shower

OMG. Could you imagine pissing off all of the people that got hit with vinegar in that moment? No, thanks.

And this server, who almost created a national disaster

One thing you never want to do is spill water (or anything else) on a president, former or otherwise. The embarrassment had to be lethal.

This person who destroyed all the Sprite

That may have been a pricey mistake… and no one could have Sprite. There had to be a few angry customers after that, not to mention this server’s boss.

And this server actually set someone’s hair on fire

If he didn’t end up getting fired after this… it’s a miracle.

Next time you go out to eat, just remember to tip.

You never know if any of these restaurant mistakes have happened to your server that day. And if your day is so bad that you’ve spilled fluid on a president… well, you deserve a little something extra.