There’s a restaurant where every single dish includes chocolate, so we guess heaven does exist

Imagine, if you will, a restaurant where everything is chocolate. No, we’re not talking about going to a candy shop for dinner. This is a real, sit-down establishment filled with cocoa-inspired appetizers, main courses, and of course, desserts. And it exists in Denver.

Denver’s Chocolate Lab opened earlier this month. It offers lunch and dinner service, as well as a full cocktail menu. Every single item on the menu (with a few exceptions for the less adventurous) incorporates chocolate, and we are obsessed.

Check out some of Chocolate Lab restaurant fares on its Instagram page. We are definitely intrigued. (And now super hungry.) White chocolate with shrimp? Eyebrow raising for sure, but *look* at this.

Count us in for the chocolate beer.

Ooh la, la, chocolate linguine.

Can this be the soup of every day?

Before it became the dining establishment it is today, it was a chocolate retail space owned by Phil Simonson. The ambitious Simonson decided to transform his shop into a full-service restaurant, while retaining the charm of the original space. His goal was to mix chocolate with unexpected foods that are surprisingly complementary.

“I get bored really easily. I like to just have a lot of different things to do,” Simonson told 303 Magazine. “Doing the food was me being able to take another creative outlet and just run with it. For me, it’s been a lot of fun to play with pushing the envelope with chocolate.”

Though he’s always been a foodie, chocolate isn’t his original calling. The adorable story behind if newfound love for cocoa starts with his now husband, who made him truffles on their first Valentine’s Day together. Now Simonson has created a total of 250 truffles of his own.

Check out how mouthwatering these look.

Alright Denver, we’re on our way.