This awesome restaurant cooks gourmet meals from food that stores won’t sell — and here’s why that’s important

Today in ~proof that there’s good in the world~, we were so happy to learn about the AH-MAZING work this restaurant is doing to end food waste. The restaurant, based in Berlin, Germany, is called Restlos Glücklich, aka “Completely Happy,” and creates beautiful meals from rejected food. This is seriously warming our hearts right now. What’s better than a restaurant that fights food waste and makes yummy food?!

Team member Wiebke Hampel chatted with The Huffington Post about Completely Happy and their mission. Hamper explained:

“These are products [grocery stores] can’t sell because customers wouldn’t buy them."

But it isn’t that anything is wrong with these products. Hamper continued:

“They don’t look fresh enough, or have spots, or the dairy products are close to their expiration date.

And Completely Happy is also helping people do better with the food they do buy.

“People throw away food at home, because they don’t know how to cook with all of it. And there’s the problem of expiration dates ― so confusing. We want to teach people to start believing in their own senses again: If you see a carrot and it’s fine, eat it, and if it’s a little old, just make soup out of it.

We’re so here for this!