This restaurant on the beach is actually a Taco Bell, and people are shook

Who knew that a Taco Bell could look so fancy ? If you live in the San Francisco area though, you should definitely check this out! Who knew that a fast food joint could fit in so well with its surroundings. Instead of jutting out like an eyesore, this Taco Bell takes on its surroundings. No wonder why Thrillist dubbed it “the greatest Taco Bell in the world” in 2013.

The inside is beautiful too!

If you thought the outside was super gorgeous, the inside feels like your average Taco Bell. Which is okay, because you can look outside and watch the ocean.

You also have an outdoor option if looking through the window isn’t enough. It even has a patio in the back so you can drink in those amazing views. Talk about an ambiance you can’t get anywhere else!

Plus: This Taco Bell has a walk through instead of a drive through!

One of the amazing and unique features of this place is that you can order at the window like a drive- through. But no car needed. If you’re just passing by and want to pick some food up, it’s a fast and cool way to order without going inside. Or if your feet are super sandy. Talk about one of a kind!

So if you go visit Pacifica State Beach and you’re in the mood for some fast food, you should definitely check this place out. Who knew that eating Taco Bell on the beach would be one of our #lifegoals?