Reese Witherspoon just super casually dropped in to see who is living in her old dorm room

Reese Witherspoon became the girly feminist icon we all dreamed of with her role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde From there, our love of hers as only grown with her wonderful romantic comedies and Oscar winning roles. And that’s all outside of her push for Big Little Lies, the show that totally shook us all last month.

Now, loving Reese Witherspoon isn’t a strange thing. She’s been an icon in her own right for quite some time. But it’s one thing to love her for her films, and another to love her because she suddenly pops up in your dorm room just to say “hi!”

And one Stanford student now knows the difference.

A wild Reese Witherspoon knocking.

Turns out, Reese once attended Stanford University, and while re-visiting her old school, she decided to stop by her old dorm room. To her surprise, Caitlyn, the rooms current occupant was there, and, naturally let her into the room! But honestly, would you tell Reese Witherspoon no?

Still, Reese seemed surprised to be welcomed, adding:

"...met its newest tenant, Caitlyn! She was so nice; she even welcomed me in!

So now, Caitlyn has this lovely picture with the Sweet Home Alabama star! And truly, what a lovely surprise it would be. You’re just in your room, studying for finals or summer school, and suddenly you open your door to find Reese Witherspoon? Yes please!

All we really know about the exchange is this lovely Instagram picture. But it is fun to think about. You’re just minding your own business, relaxing and in walks Reese. Hopefully the new tenant started grilling about season two of Big Little Lies and can drop some details.

But if not, it is still a fun story to tell. Wouldn’t you love going into class the next day and telling your friends that Elle Woods dropped by?