So, Warner Bros. ordered some reshoots for “Suicide Squad” and here’s why

If you follow the comic book world at all (and most people have started to at least be aware of it, thanks to the massive popularity of comic book movies), you know there are two major universes the characters live in. There’s the lighthearted and playful Marvel universe, filled with showy heroes like the fun-loving Iron Man, the hilarious self-deprecating Ant Man, and the sarcastic Spider-Man. Most of the heroes in the Marvel universe are able to keep us laughing while they save the world.

Then along came Deadpool, an outlier character in the Marvel universe. Few people were expecting Ryan Reynolds’ filthy-mouthed “superhero” in his gore-filled movie to be more than a blip on the radar, so it took everyone by surprise when Deadpool scored massive success, even on Marvel’s scale of mega-blockbusters (although, it’s worth noting that even though Deadpool is a Marvel comics character, his movie was produced by 20th Century Fox, not Disney).

Meanwhile on the bleaker side of town, there’s the DC Universe. That’s where the more sullen and serious heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman live. Compared to their joke-heavy counterparts, these heroes are often fighting with themselves and their own identities while they take down a consistent string of bad guys (usually without a lot of humor).

Until now, these two rival studios have been pretty content with their separate brands, but following the unanticipated success of Deadpool, it looks like DC is detouring into Marvel territory, at least for its upcoming bad-guy A-Team film,  Suicide Squad. 

It seems like the Suicide Squad creators decided that if the superheroes in DC are so serious, at least the super villains could bring in some comic relief. After all, they have Jared Leto as the Joker and Will Smith as Deadshot. So surely based on that casting and this trailer alone, this movie could totally be like the hit Deadpool but for the DC Universe. Right?

Well, that’s what Warner Bros. Pictures is hoping for. In fact, they’re hoping for it so much that, according to Birth.Movies.Death., they’ve just ordered reshoots to add more comedy to the upcoming movie.

While reshoots themselves are by no means uncommon in movies, ones on this financial scale are. Warner Bros. seemed worried that the trailer might make people expect a much funnier movie than the final product and, after Deadpool showed that people love a funny final product, decided that’s what they need to deliver.

With the caliber of actors they’ve got on board and the potential in each of those characters, we have no doubt that it’ll be easy to find lots of ways to add more humor to the film. I mean, Margot Robbie basically steals the trailer with her frightfully funny depiction of Harley Quinn. So maybe just add a bunch more scenes with her and call it a day?


Whatever Warner Bros. decides to add, we’re sure it’ll only make this upcoming film even better. After all, as the Suicide Squad member Joker would say, why so serious?

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