Research just confirmed your suspicions: Yes, your cat basically does rule your house

Do you think you’re the boss/ruler/overlord of your home? Ha ha ha, you’re adorable, but actually, no, you’re not, if you have a pet, and ESPECIALLY if you have a cat, it’s probably your little cutie that reigns on high in your living situation.

As the Huffington Post reports, according to research conducted by interior design company Houzz, in which 3,1000 Houzz users were surveyed, 78% of the feline-owners admitted that their cats have free reign of the their domicile, as opposed to 48% of canine owners. Also, it turns out that there are a LOT of cats sleeping in their people’s beds. 53% of cats get to snuggle up in bed with their humans at night vs. 41% of dogs. And when owners were asked “Who rules the house?” 13% of cat owners admitted their cats completely did, while 8% of dog owners said it was their dogs. But before you go thinking “Only 13%? That’s not cats ruling your apartment/the Internet/the world,” just know that 70% of cat owners admit that their cats kind of rule the house (vs. 59% of dog owners)

So yeah, cats basically boss their people around, but before you get too high and mighty, dog owners, know that you’re not off the hook. 22% of dog owners spend over $1000 dollars on their dog every year (Note: if I count up my receipts I know I will probably-definitely fall into this group) vs. 14% of dog owners. Meanwhile, 27% of cat owners spend less than $100 a year on their kitties, vs. just 15% of dog owners.

But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. 90% of pet owners surveyed say the top benefit of having a pet is that it makes them happy, while 71% say that it’s that their pets reduce their stress, and 65% of the pet owners said that the top benefit is that it makes their families happy. So we will totally put up with our pets running amok in our house and costing us a small fortune, because they’re ace stress-killers and they make us and those we love the happiest.

Check out the infographic Houzz put together based on their findings below:


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Image via Houzz/iStock

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