Rescuing mini donkeys is a thing and we can’t get over it

Let’s be honest. Ever since Donkey from Shrek charmed us with his wit and adorable sidekick banter, we’ve had a soft spot for the furry creatures. I mean, if they can befriend a grumpy loner Ogre, they can do anything!


Well it turns out, you can not only befriend, but actually help out one of these sweet creatures yourself by adopting them! But we’re not talking about adopting just any regular donkey. We’re talking about adopting an animal with all the charm and beauty of a regular donkey, but as playful (and almost as small as) a dog. That’s right… a mini donkey.

They’re very real. And there are some that need your help.

Triple R Horse Ranch, a horse ranch in Arizona, has just rescued 20 of these adorable little guys who will all need homes very soon. For only $400, you can become the proud owner of one of these delightful mini donkeys. Not familiar with mini-donkeys? Let’s pause and fix that:

Just remember (before you get overly-excited and buy up several of these sweet things) that mini donkeys still thrive best in a farm setting (like their full-sized cousins), so make sure you have plenty of wide-open space for them to roam, play, and graze.

If you don’t have a farm, just keep looking at these adorable pictures all day, because that’s what we’ll be doing.