These rescued baby sloths are having a conversation that we don’t understand, but it’s undeniably cute

Since we’re always a bit curious about what animals discuss among themselves, let’s do some shameless eavesdropping on these rescued baby sloths in mid-conversation. Even though we have no idea what they’re talking about, just listening to their adorable voices is all the proof we need that sloth magic is real.

Shared by the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, the clip shows two of the cuddly creatures climbing around, hanging upside down like baby sloths tend to do, and clamoring to get their fair share of camera time. If we had to guess what these sounds meant, we’d say they’re expressing joy, excitement, and a little bit of confusion about what’s going on right now because humans and their machines are strange and rather fascinating.

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According to Bored Panda, the sloths live at the sanctuary, which is located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and serves as a rescue center to the animals. Staff members are experts on all things sloths and are committed to rehabilitating and releasing the creatures back into their natural habitat.

The facility offers tours and even allows you to virtually adopt a sloth, which sounds like a pretty cool idea. Honestly, who could say no to these sweet, inquisitive faces and heartwarming sloth coos?

GAH! Were those not the cutest sounds ever?! Also, don’t tell us we’re the only ones who think they sound exactly like Snooki.

LOL. We totally heart you sloths, but maybe we should whine really loud so you’ll get the message.